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World of wonder

Does anyone else run the very real risk of being hit in the head by a frisbee while they are working away? I have not been hit yet, but the frisbee does occassionnally hit my door which is about 2/3 closed. If it were all the way open, the flying disc would sail right in.

There is also the beach ball thing. It's not a normal beach ball, it's a full three foot in diameter. Farking huge.

Anyone else have these issues at work? Or just me? I'm not complaining, mind you, I think it's faboo. Im just curious if it's just my workplace though.

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screw you and your flying frisbees - i would kill to have a giant beachball to passive aggresively thunk at poeple

I dont think it's passive if you are aggressivly thunking people with it.

Yah, that's like corporate dodgeball.

I used to be the person who threw frisbees and squishy balls. Ask Zero. Now I just try to peg the damn pets.

wow must be nice to have free time to play frisbee


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