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April 1, 2004

I'm what???

I just got a call from one of the girls downstairs. It happens. Sorry Ninsi, but it seems that Im married now. Because she says:
"What is your wife's name?"
"Your wife, what is her name?"
"I'm not married."
"So you have no idea who [trollette with my last name] is?"

I didnt at first, but remembered a person was recently hired at one of the other offices with my last name, and that's who she was talking about. What is it about me that makes people think I'm married, or engaged? Wait, I know the answer to the second part. It's my mother that makes people think I'm engaged, because she tells them I am.

No one comments on my football posts. That's okay. I think I'll live. At least I haven't talked about the resulting soreness.

I'll invite you all to the reception. But im lunching in the meantime.

April 2, 2004

Is 'is' is?

I dont know. But I did lose my sunglasses at the driving range over lunch today. I'm not feeling the blog groove today, so amuse yourself with some pranks from previous April Fool's Days.

April 3, 2004

And she loves me, ya ya ya

My girlfriend gives the best birthday presents ever. That's all I'm saying til later. Wah hoo! :)

April 5, 2004

By all rights, I should be in bed

I haven't really slept. Some. Not much. It was a kickass weekend though. My sypathies to those that did not make the party. You missed a great time. My girlfriend, being the coolest thing ever, got me a stripper for my birthday. It just about gave her a nervous breakdown I think trying to get it together without me knowing, but she pulled it off. I'll see about putting up a few pictures later. There were suprising few taken of the party in general, but I think about 150 were taken of the stripper.

We also just went Friday night, and met some new friends. At least they might be new friends if they didn't live in Mississippi. They have this web address, so I think I will make a note for them on the side to send me an email if they should actually visit in the next week or so. We tried to get them to come to our party, but they probably woke up Saturday, and couldn't quite recall who those three people were they had talked to all Friday night. They seemed like nice girls though, so Carrie/Kelli, if you read this, send some email our way...

Saturday was spent partly cleaning and partly recovering from Friday night. The first guest showed up at about 7, and people straggled in over the next 3-4 hours. I barely remember Saturday afternoon. I remember going to Sam's and it not being exactly fruitful. I remember the party just fine, it's just the hours leading up to it that are a little sketchy.

Sunday was a day of relaxation. It was also an hour short due to the time change. We had a late lunch, and spent most of the afternoon in Deep Ellum with Bunny. Zero and I each bought some new duds to wear out to the club. I probably spent to much, but fashion does have that price. Ninsi also got herself a present, but I'll let her tell that one herself.
jumping ahead... small dinner, got dressed - we all looked fabulous, and went to the Church were we met a few friends from work and just danced and grooved the night away. Well after 3 before even trying to go to bed, and I did not really every get to sleep. But Im at work, because Im a trooper, and someone has to be here in case the building burns down. I'll be heading home early though. Like noon. Driving home last night, I felt like I was in a video game. It was all I could do to not drive really really fast. It was pretty damn cool. The only flaw of yesterday was that we seem to have lost Zero's keys. No idea where they went.

The weekend was just packed. I can not relate it all. It was a great fest though, and I hope that everyone that was able to participate had as good a time.

hot? oh ya.

And for the interested parties, since Zero posted his outfit, here is what Ninsi and I wore to the Church.

It's just swell

Four pics of Ninsi's new thing.

Oh yeah, there's a new picture link over there from this weekend's party too. No stipper pics from that link. If those go up, it will be elsewhere.

April 6, 2004

April 6

1917 - US officially declares war on Germany
1930 - Twinkies invented
1869 - Celluloid is patented
1896 - Modern Olympic Games reopened in Athens
1320 - The Scots reaffirm their independance
1972 - I am born at 2:55 CST.

April 7, 2004

I'll gladly pay you next Tuesday...

Join us Easter Sunday April 11th for turkey , steak & ham

That's what the sign at Ryan's says. Some woman is out there right now changing the other side, but it's on the other side, so I can't read what it says.

Ninsi is still complaining about her tongue. Putting a metal rod through your anatomy will cause pain. It should go away soon, but the question is 'how soon?' Im thinking about two more days. The wife of a guy at work, her's hurt for 3-4 days, and was swollen about a month. According to him. I've thought about getting mine done, just never really got around to it one way or the other. If Ninsi continues to complain, then I doubt it happens for me. I suspect we go back down this evening and talk to the piercer, and they will tell us 'You just inserted an inch long rod through soft tissue, of course it hurts.'

Two days til Good Friday, and then it's off to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with the squid and rest of the fam.

April 8, 2004

Im a saint

Ninsi is still suffering through the paings of her piercing, but I think she'll prevail quite nicely. In the meantime, she is eating soup. We went to Olive Garden last night at her request since they have pretty decent soup and salad. She just had soup, and I had soup and salad. Pasta e fagoli for both of us. Ninsi just sucked on the soup mostly, staying away from most of the pasta, but she did go through two bowls that way. The waitress looked at her everytime she walked by us. I couldn't quite tell if the look was one of derision, as in "I dont care what is wrong with your mouth, just quit being a tard and hurry up," or if it was one of piti, "Oh, you poor thing! You obviously can not eat solids, and your mouth must be in terrible pain." I think Ninsi did her best to look pitiful.

Also bought a GBA game for my daughter for her birthday. That's two things I've gotten her now. One for her regular birthday, which was last week, and one for her Easter birthday, because that's the day on which she was born. I still need to get her more stuff, but I think that birthday presents from me are on the verge of degenerating into 'Shopping with Dad.' She is ten years old, and has a pretty good idea of what she wants, and I am largely clueless... So, I'll try to find one or two more things this evening, and let her pick the rest out herself.

Tomorrow will be a short day of work for me, as Ninsi and I will be leaving around noon to head to OK for the weekend. My grandmother is leaving the hospital today and will be staying with my mom indefinately, so we will probably stay at least one night with one of my brothers. Internet access will be scarce at best, so don't expect much until Monday unless we happen to get the blog bug early tomorrow.

In other news, Eyeball Jewelry

Hurts so much!

Was in a conversation with Ninsi and FJ this morning, and then they went off between themselves on some other guy from high school. I felt the need to share. (changed the dude's name too)

ninsianna says:
no - they went off to college engaged
furious_jessy says:
you have that so wrong.
furious_jessy says:
so, so wrong.
ninsianna says:
sophomores in college you mean?
furious_jessy says:
furious_jessy says:
ninsianna says:
bart had a stripper gf in high school
furious_jessy says:
am i wrong?!
ninsianna says:
who devirginized him
furious_jessy says:
the stripper, who "hurt him so much!"
furious_jessy says:
were you there for that?

We can only conclude that Jessy was there for that. They kept talking, but it wasn't as interesting after that.

April 12, 2004

Whoa whoa whoa

Back from Easter weekend with the family. One relative got out of the hospital, one went in, and Ninsi, Luna, and myself all came close to finding ourselves there.

The drive up was fairly uneventful. We got to Eufaula, though, and it started to rain on us some. Nothing major. But as we made it to the house, and we were a few minutes away from leaving again to drive back to McAlester to see a movie with all the squid, and all the neices and nephew, the rain really came. We went from light rain to Tornado Warning in about 2 minutes. It started hailing, my mom started talking about going to the cellar, the squid was worried a tornado was coming, and I'm not sure if Ninsi was excited, or horrified at the thought of possibly having to go to the cellar. It was a right strong rain, and if it had continued for a few more minutes, it might even have made it to the rarefied air of being a real 'turd-floater', as my brother has been known to call some storms. Then one fell shy though.

It did storm again early Saturday morning, and it did wake me up enough to comment to Ninsi, "Im not going to the fucking cellar." I have nothing against cellars, but unless I see the funnel, Im not about to go. I spent to much time in one when I was a boy. Even if I do see a funnel, it had damn better be close or at least moving my way, or I'll just sit happily on porch, thank you very much. The rest of Saturday was spent doing a little shopping, seeing "Home on the Range" which was worth the $3.50 price of admission, eating with a brother, and just hanging with the squid.

My grandmother finally was able to come home Sunday morning. After about five weeks in the hospital. She was pretty groggy, and still had some drugs in her system, but hopefully, by being home, she'll regain some strength, and be able to get about by herself again soon. Also on Sunday, Luna got to meet a horse for the first time. She tried to play with the horse, and I think was annoyed that the horse didnt try to play back. Maybe she was just amazed that it was so much bigger than her. The puppy that tried to play with Luna, she just got pissed at.

Ninsi also got to meet my dad for the first time. I'm not sure if he was what she expected or not. There were plently of deer heads and fish on the walls, but he was laid up on the couch with gout. I believe they were going to head to the ER after we left so the doctors could look at it again. Ankle swollen to about the size of a softball. My brother called me this morning, and the hospital had admitted my dad, and apparently drained about 60ml of blood from the ankle. With luck, he'll be up and about and able to go fishing this weekend.

Eventually Ninsi and I made it back to Texas. Long, boring drive. Did I mention that it had been raining for about an hour by this time? There was some excitement as we got near home though. Just as we exited off I-35 to get onto Loop 12, I noticed one of the cars in front of me doing something funky. My exact words at the time were 'Whoa, whoa, whoa'. God forbid I get overly dramatic or anything. Anyway, the car, a mid-size sedan, had comepletely lost controll, and was slowly spinning across the highway. It was far enough ahead that I did not have to slam on the brakes, but as soon as I touched the brakes, the anti-lock kicked in because we had started to hydroplane. Never lost control or anything, but I'm guessing that is what happened to the out-of-control car. He had started to hydroplane. He soon spun across the highway and into a truck and another car. Or something. There was a truck and the truck was forced a lane over and hit another car, like a lincoln, which was starting to skid and spin. I think the truck hit the lincoln, and they both sort of slid off onto an exit ramp, and the car that started it all eventually stopped spinning and came to a rest. I was starting to change lanes during part of it, and when I looked in my mirror, I saw that I was on the verge of being rear ended by another car, that I can only presume also was hydroplaning across that particular part of highway. He managed to not hit me though, and we both got around the accident. The guy that almost hit me put up his hand in some sort of gesture that meant "Damn, we were lucky" or "Sorry I almost hit you" as he went on by.

It is hard to say exactly what all happened, and in what order. I was mostly concerned with getting by it without incident to keep an eye on what was going on. I also realized that I should have stopped to render aid. None of the cars was hit hard, just lots of sliding and spinning, but still, we probably should have stopped. Ninsi did call 911 right away. I'm not sure how that went, but I think she was transferred to a different dispatch, who then took the info and said they would have to notify Irving PD.

Anyway, that was the weekend. I forget what else there was atm. Maybe later. Ninsi is at the new job, seems to be doing fine. I'm sure she'll update this evening if she gets a chance.

Right Wing Eye

As my post about the weekend was apparently too overwhelming for comment, I'll leave just a link here as a snack. Right Wing Eye

April 13, 2004

Join us for Secretary's Day April 21st

So says the Ryan's sign. It dominates my view. What can I say.

I've not seen a whole lot of my girlfriend since she started the new job. I think it just needs couple days to get settled down properly. So far, seems to be going well. Our evening schedule is pushed back a little since she will won't be home quite so early with as much regularity, but we can deal with that. Just push the racquetball back another 45 minutes or so.

I believe I mentioned that my dad was admitted to the hospital for gout or somesuch. They drained a crapload of fluid out of his ankle yesterday. And when I talked to him last night, he sounded pretty doped up. He forgot which son he was talking to at one point. I'm pretty sure that means that he is not feeling much pain, so it's a good thing.

It's been a long day. I thought I posted this a long time ago, and just realized it was still sitting here unsaved. I'll do that now...

April 14, 2004

Mama's BBQ

I thought I was hearing Fat Albert this morning coming from one of the other offices. Turns out, it was the song Mama's BBQ, which I now submit for your approval. The guy in the office next to me has a band, and this was done by his bass player, either using a bottle of Jim Bean as a prop, or while consuming it. I wasn't clear on that part. Download, enjoy.

In other news, people will soon be able to annoy you on a plane by talking into their cell phone.

April 15, 2004


I left my phone at home today, which is really annoying.

9:45 am, and my girlfriend called me lame.

I think that may sum up this day. Pretty lame. Though it is damn nice outside. Great golf weather. I dont see any clouds. Lunch may consist of a trip to the driving range.

And in other "it just never ends" news, the Lingerie Bowl, which you may remember as being a pay-per-view event during the Super Bowl, may now be getting it's own reality series.

April 19, 2004

mmm, taco

I did not blog Friday because I just wasn't feeling the love. Everyone is allowed a day off, now and again. A few in the sphere have taken it to an extreme though and not posted in a weeke now I think. We wont mention names though, or links.

Anyway, lessee, um, Friday we did a happy hour at Ruby Tuesdays since it is newly opened just down the road. Fairly busy, tons of wait staff, and fairly slow service. We made a pretty early evening of it since Zero and I had to be up the next morning for a golf lesson. By early, I mean that we were in bed by like 1 am or so.

Saturday Zero and I got a lesson from the golf pro at LB Houston. It was supposed to be a beginner's clinic, but she only the two of us showed up, it was more of a cheap private lesson. It was amazingly helpful. After the lesson, we did yardwork for a few hours. Put up an electric fence to maybe stop the dogs from digging and went to Donut's for free dinner.

Ninsi got her drunk on when we went to Deep Ellum, but she was due for it. She also had the best taco of her life.

In other news, Einstein satellite is go for launch.


And now for something you don't care about at all...
Our latest round
You can easily see that we rather petered out on the last 4-5 holes, our round from yesterday was among the best ever for both myself and Zero. We have one or two scores lower in the past, I think, but they would have been at the Winter Pines course in Orlando, and it's a very short par 67 or so.

I was very proud of the shot I made on the fourth hole. I chipped it in from about 35 foot or so to hole out and save par. I rarely make par, but do it occassionally. I've even made a birdie once or twice, though not in years. And yes, as anthother friend pointed out, the chip in on a par three is nice, but I still should have been on the green well before the chip in was necessary. Anyway, Im proud of it because I've never chipped in before. It was a first for me. And it was a direct result of the lesson from the day before. Zero's score dropped almost 13 strokes I think. Mine went down 6-7. A great short-game lesson we had.

I may put the ball up and a memorial to my first chip in. That would be fitting, a little weird, and probably really annoy Ninsi. :)

Im doing something wrong. or right...

Okay, so far today, the following things have been said to me:
"I dont want your wife mad at me, so I'll take a cupcake."
"A girlfriend? When did you meet her? The last time I talked to you, you were single." (i talk to this person almost daily)

So, somehow, im in relationship extremes. One person thought that I was married, and the other thought that I've had a girlfriend less than a week that was making me cupcakes. I dont know what to make of it, personally.

April 20, 2004

More stuff you dont care about

Dragonbowl. Yes, it's been three weeks, and it's that time again. Though in reality, it should have been done last week. The smart money says that we dont play though. Too many pussies abound when it comes to Dragonbowl. There is an amazingly slim chance of rain, so that will be enough to make some bow out. It isn't going to rain. And even if it did, who the fuck cares? It's football.

I made a reservation for racquetball anyway. Im sure it will get used. Played some last night, and I think I can really close to pulling something in my leg. It's better today, so I might be all right. I also about knocked one of Zero's kidney's out. He hit the ball, and I had taken to big steps towards it to make a return, and he was backing up, but thought I was on the other side, so he backed right into me as I was getting steam built up.

Ninsi had to get up way early this morning. Like 5:30. So she gets up, and Im still sleeping. She had to turn the light on at some point, and Im still asleep, but I was dreaming. And in my dream this huge, blinding bright light came on suddenly. It completely blinded me. I covered my eyes with my arms (in the dream) but could still see the light. It was blinding, incapacitating, brightness. Then the light went off, and everything was okay again. I'm surprised I didn't start shouting like Gizmo "Bright light! Bright Light!"

April 21, 2004

#1 pick? i dont think so

I should probably hurt a lot more today than I do. Im barely sore. Although, what soreness I have, is pretty much all over. And my big toe hurts for some reason. Anyway, yesterday we did participate in Dragonbowl. It's flag football, but there was a lot more contact yesterday than before. We started setting some hard picks and screens to free up receivers. It's only a matter of time before it escalates into full on tackle and someone breaks something. The game started out fairly well for my team, but then our QB decided to throw not 1, not 2, 3, or even just 4, but a whopping Five goddamned interceptions. That just sucked. Finally, after about an hour and a half, we called it, and I went home.

Ninsi and Zero were ready for racquetball when I got home, and so, being the trooper that I am, I went and played some of that too. After about 45 minutes, I was done. completely.

I expected massive amounts of soreness today, but it's really not bad at all. just dullness all over, mostly.

Trying to figure out how I can eat lunch and go the driving range on just the $5 I have on me. I dont think its going to happen. So which one do I not do...?

April 22, 2004

Things not found in Nature

I work in a build with four floors. It has two elevators. A few weeks ago, one of the elevators broke. I'm not sure exactly how, or to what degree. It did not suddenly go crashing down though, so it probably wasn't very exciting. And it doesn't bother me in the least since I only work on the 2nd floor, and tend to eschew elevators anyway if Im going less than 5-6 flights.

They have started fixing it this week. Much to my surprise, the entire car is part of a big fucking hydraulic. No pulleys, no rope, just stainless steel and hydraulic fluid. The elevator has been braced at the top of the building this week while the fixer dudes go in and remove the machinery piece by piece. It extends about forty feet deep into the ground, so it is no easy task given the space of an elevator shaft, but they are managing. Today, when I got to work, there were a couple new trucks outside, and large hoses. And as I was going up the stairs I hear a most unnatural humming start. On the second floor, the humming was very loud. It wasn't an unpleasant sound, maybe a little eerie. What they were actually doing was sucking the hydraulic fluid out of the bottom, and the sound was a result. It was really an odd sound that I could never quite describe.

Someone that could have me fired if they wanted to called me a prick this morning as well. In the bathroom no less. He did it twice, jokingly, because I told him I was going to the driving range at lunch, and he did not even bring his clubs with him. Actually, he called me a "prick and a hacker", though I dont think Im either one.

In other news, the fuckers over at Ryan's still haven't changed the sign from over a week ago. I need new scenery.

April 24, 2004

For Neko

I've been telling Neko that I would put up a couple pictures of some of my Alice in Wonderland collection, so here are a few that I took last night while waiting on people to come over for poker.

Ninsi wasn't sure last night if she would be allowed to take the Foreign Service Exam today, because she did not have her registration papers. She called me at 7:45 and was going to try anyway. As it's now 11 am, Im assuming she finaggled her way into the test, and is now about halfway done.

April 26, 2004

Win a gift basket for Mother's Day

Ryan's finally got around to changing their sign.

I think my shoes scared some people this morning. I was talking to a couple of female co-workers when I got in, and one of them looked at my shoes and gasped. This made the other look at my shoes and declare 'Oh my god, child!' which is funny because she is about 8 years younger than me. There isnt anything wrong with my shoes, they are simply the ones I wore to the faire yesterday, and they are still caked with mud. I doubt I put up any of the pictures, since I only took about 4.

I must say, I enjoy sloughing around in the mud. I dont know why. I did rather enjoy the faire. Played an ass-tacular round of golf in the mist on Saturday. It was a nice course though.

I've also decided that I need bagpipes. They are, however, not cheap. So, if you know where I can get a set, Id be forever grateful. Otherwise, I may have to start panhandling for it.

In other news, Bowie wants you to bootleg his music.

April 27, 2004

Cheetos, mmmm

On Saturday, I signed my daughter up for a two week Summer camp at one of the area rec centers. I actually signed up for a full month, but it will probably just be for two weeks. I had to get there like two hours before sign-up actually started so as to be sure I got her in. They only have forty spots available.

Anyway, I took a book, Sundiver by David Brin. I thought I had read it before. I've picked it up in the bookstore half a dozen times and read the first chapter, all the while thinking to myself "I've read this already." Finally, I sit down and start the second chapter on Saturday, and after I read for a bit, I realize that I have never read this book. I have just read the first chapter so many times that I fooled myself to thinking I had read the whole thing.

That's really all I got. Been busy at work lately, trying to make stuff work. Got more to do still. Need to get everything working smoothly by July, because at that point, we are going to be moving damn near everything and everyone to a new floor in the building. I expect lots of stuff to break.

We all need more toy guns.

April 28, 2004

Eddy = Greed

The title is in reference to the Cartoon Network desk calendar I have. It is in book form, and has a cartoon character for each week of the year. Each character is drawn like they were part of a tarot deck. It's really rather cool. On the font it says 'Cards of the Future'. Last week it was Bugs Bunny - "King of Carrots".

I finally realized I needed to blog. Not because I haven't blogged, or felt a burning urge to do so, or anything like that. No, it is more related to being busy at work all day and not having time to do it, and finally deciding that because I am so busy, I needed to force a break. Blogging is a good getaway sometimes, even when I have nothing to note.

I did manage to get away for a bit at lunch and hit the driving range. My drives still mostly suck, though I managed to get the last half dozen to straighten out before I left.

And for Jessy, if they reached adulthood faster, do you think Neaderthals spent less time in the womb?

Wanna feel pretty?

I dont know how long it will be there, so go check out the wedding dress on ebay.

April 29, 2004

Jesus is a woman

Long day, late lunch.
I went to KFC for lunch, and think I thoroughly consternated an old woman. I drove up just before her, walked through the doors just before her (though I did hold them open) and got in line right in front of her. The line consisted of the two of us. I ordered a two breast combo, crispy. When it was her turn, she ordered three crispy breasts to go. The cashier girl had to tell her it would be another 20 minutes before they had that many again. If I had let her in line before me, she would have got her three, but I would not have got my two. The old woman left in a minor huff. Who's to blame? The old woman for being too slow, me for ordering two breasts, or KFC for not being prepared to serve up 2.5 chicken's worth of parts at 1:15 in the afternoon? I'm pretty sure it's not me.

Another thing I have noticed when I go to KFC concerns their drink cups. They sell like kiddie, regular, and large. All pretty standard. And then they have this 1/2 gallon 'Mega-Jug' or something. It's insane huge. A full 64 ounces, and only about $0.20 more than large. I always thought it was dumb, but figured that maybe when you buy a bucket o chicken for the chillens, you get the 1/2 gallon mega-jug to drink. Except that I also noticed they sold a lid for it that only had room for one straw. Today, there was a trio sitting a couple tables over. A man, a large, large, large, fairly big woman, and a child. The child had a kiddie cup, the man a regular, and the woman had the Mega-Jug all to her lonesome. It takes up half the table. I couldn't believe it. I had to avert my eyes from the carnage and eat my ill-gotten crispy chicken breasts.

But I guess it was all okay because they said grace before starting to eat, and that brings up the final point of what was not meant to be, but has become, an extended KFC entry: As I rose to throw away my tray, I noticed on my receipt that my cashier had been none other than Jesus, who apparently, has a vagina.

Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to show you all a picture of why Satan rules my door.

April 30, 2004

Ph34r my l33t n3kkid skillz

It's Friday, and that's really about the size of it. I bought a bunch of grandpa heads. I need a bunch of spikes/pikes to put them on. Maybe toothpicks will work. Maybe i dont need them afterall. We'll see.

Nothing going on this weekend. I did read today that some girl in New York found a painted turtle that has two heads. Not real sure what to think about that.

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