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By all rights, I should be in bed

I haven't really slept. Some. Not much. It was a kickass weekend though. My sypathies to those that did not make the party. You missed a great time. My girlfriend, being the coolest thing ever, got me a stripper for my birthday. It just about gave her a nervous breakdown I think trying to get it together without me knowing, but she pulled it off. I'll see about putting up a few pictures later. There were suprising few taken of the party in general, but I think about 150 were taken of the stripper.

We also just went Friday night, and met some new friends. At least they might be new friends if they didn't live in Mississippi. They have this web address, so I think I will make a note for them on the side to send me an email if they should actually visit in the next week or so. We tried to get them to come to our party, but they probably woke up Saturday, and couldn't quite recall who those three people were they had talked to all Friday night. They seemed like nice girls though, so Carrie/Kelli, if you read this, send some email our way...

Saturday was spent partly cleaning and partly recovering from Friday night. The first guest showed up at about 7, and people straggled in over the next 3-4 hours. I barely remember Saturday afternoon. I remember going to Sam's and it not being exactly fruitful. I remember the party just fine, it's just the hours leading up to it that are a little sketchy.

Sunday was a day of relaxation. It was also an hour short due to the time change. We had a late lunch, and spent most of the afternoon in Deep Ellum with Bunny. Zero and I each bought some new duds to wear out to the club. I probably spent to much, but fashion does have that price. Ninsi also got herself a present, but I'll let her tell that one herself.
jumping ahead... small dinner, got dressed - we all looked fabulous, and went to the Church were we met a few friends from work and just danced and grooved the night away. Well after 3 before even trying to go to bed, and I did not really every get to sleep. But Im at work, because Im a trooper, and someone has to be here in case the building burns down. I'll be heading home early though. Like noon. Driving home last night, I felt like I was in a video game. It was all I could do to not drive really really fast. It was pretty damn cool. The only flaw of yesterday was that we seem to have lost Zero's keys. No idea where they went.

The weekend was just packed. I can not relate it all. It was a great fest though, and I hope that everyone that was able to participate had as good a time.

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Sounds awesome! Glad you all had a great time!


wow....stripper. ninsi must love you a lot. either a lot or not much at all, depending on how you look at it. hehe....
sorry i missed the party. we will come up sometime and have a much smaller party. i promise.


Wow, it sounds like one hell of a time. I'm glad to hear you had a good birthday. I'm sorry we couldn't make it, it sounds like we missed out. Maybe next time.


Yes the birthday party was hot.
Kudos to Ninsi.

Ninsi is the coolest girl I have met in a long time. I wish my boyfriend would have hired me a stripper for my bday. And not a guy one, I don't want them dangling that shit in my face.

Way to go, N. Sorry I missed it.


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