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Cheetos, mmmm

On Saturday, I signed my daughter up for a two week Summer camp at one of the area rec centers. I actually signed up for a full month, but it will probably just be for two weeks. I had to get there like two hours before sign-up actually started so as to be sure I got her in. They only have forty spots available.

Anyway, I took a book, Sundiver by David Brin. I thought I had read it before. I've picked it up in the bookstore half a dozen times and read the first chapter, all the while thinking to myself "I've read this already." Finally, I sit down and start the second chapter on Saturday, and after I read for a bit, I realize that I have never read this book. I have just read the first chapter so many times that I fooled myself to thinking I had read the whole thing.

That's really all I got. Been busy at work lately, trying to make stuff work. Got more to do still. Need to get everything working smoothly by July, because at that point, we are going to be moving damn near everything and everyone to a new floor in the building. I expect lots of stuff to break.

We all need more toy guns.

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Why you always gotta steal my thunder?
I sent you that link!


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