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And now for something you don't care about at all...
Our latest round
You can easily see that we rather petered out on the last 4-5 holes, our round from yesterday was among the best ever for both myself and Zero. We have one or two scores lower in the past, I think, but they would have been at the Winter Pines course in Orlando, and it's a very short par 67 or so.

I was very proud of the shot I made on the fourth hole. I chipped it in from about 35 foot or so to hole out and save par. I rarely make par, but do it occassionally. I've even made a birdie once or twice, though not in years. And yes, as anthother friend pointed out, the chip in on a par three is nice, but I still should have been on the green well before the chip in was necessary. Anyway, Im proud of it because I've never chipped in before. It was a first for me. And it was a direct result of the lesson from the day before. Zero's score dropped almost 13 strokes I think. Mine went down 6-7. A great short-game lesson we had.

I may put the ball up and a memorial to my first chip in. That would be fitting, a little weird, and probably really annoy Ninsi. :)


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