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Eddy = Greed

The title is in reference to the Cartoon Network desk calendar I have. It is in book form, and has a cartoon character for each week of the year. Each character is drawn like they were part of a tarot deck. It's really rather cool. On the font it says 'Cards of the Future'. Last week it was Bugs Bunny - "King of Carrots".

I finally realized I needed to blog. Not because I haven't blogged, or felt a burning urge to do so, or anything like that. No, it is more related to being busy at work all day and not having time to do it, and finally deciding that because I am so busy, I needed to force a break. Blogging is a good getaway sometimes, even when I have nothing to note.

I did manage to get away for a bit at lunch and hit the driving range. My drives still mostly suck, though I managed to get the last half dozen to straighten out before I left.

And for Jessy, if they reached adulthood faster, do you think Neaderthals spent less time in the womb?

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a very good question that is. likely to never be answered. my guess though, is slightly longer gestation. and is neanderthal bigfoot...

Jean M. Auel covered that years ago in her books. She new neaderthals were early bloomers.
Well, i guess she didn't really cover the gestation aspect of it. But I like the theory she supposes in her books, that we've all got a bit of neanderthal in us.


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