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For Neko

I've been telling Neko that I would put up a couple pictures of some of my Alice in Wonderland collection, so here are a few that I took last night while waiting on people to come over for poker.

Ninsi wasn't sure last night if she would be allowed to take the Foreign Service Exam today, because she did not have her registration papers. She called me at 7:45 and was going to try anyway. As it's now 11 am, Im assuming she finaggled her way into the test, and is now about halfway done.

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thanks, baby. LOVE the alice stuff (and that death statue, damnit)...i bid on those same tarot cards the other day and lost, but i'm sure there are more up for grabs. really liked the coloring book too.

I've never even seen them anywhere else. I hope you have better luck next time.


The fact you know who Jack Horkheimer is totally weirds me out.


i still need to take pictures of my alice stuff. surprisingly, my stuff is all different from yours. i figured there'd be some overlap.


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