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Hurts so much!

Was in a conversation with Ninsi and FJ this morning, and then they went off between themselves on some other guy from high school. I felt the need to share. (changed the dude's name too)

ninsianna says:
no - they went off to college engaged
furious_jessy says:
you have that so wrong.
furious_jessy says:
so, so wrong.
ninsianna says:
sophomores in college you mean?
furious_jessy says:
furious_jessy says:
ninsianna says:
bart had a stripper gf in high school
furious_jessy says:
am i wrong?!
ninsianna says:
who devirginized him
furious_jessy says:
the stripper, who "hurt him so much!"
furious_jessy says:
were you there for that?

We can only conclude that Jessy was there for that. They kept talking, but it wasn't as interesting after that.

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it certainly does look like i was there for that.

You need to change N's pic on the side with an updated, pierced photo.


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