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I'll gladly pay you next Tuesday...

Join us Easter Sunday April 11th for turkey , steak & ham

That's what the sign at Ryan's says. Some woman is out there right now changing the other side, but it's on the other side, so I can't read what it says.

Ninsi is still complaining about her tongue. Putting a metal rod through your anatomy will cause pain. It should go away soon, but the question is 'how soon?' Im thinking about two more days. The wife of a guy at work, her's hurt for 3-4 days, and was swollen about a month. According to him. I've thought about getting mine done, just never really got around to it one way or the other. If Ninsi continues to complain, then I doubt it happens for me. I suspect we go back down this evening and talk to the piercer, and they will tell us 'You just inserted an inch long rod through soft tissue, of course it hurts.'

Two days til Good Friday, and then it's off to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with the squid and rest of the fam.

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yeah, ninsi's experience has led to my decision that while tongue piercings are super sexy, i will not be having one.

I dont think that Ninsi's problems are necessarily typical. Though, it may also be that since she is commenting on it daily, it is a little more fresh in your mind. If you go online, you'll find that most of the people say that it very much worthwhile.

Zsu Zsu the rare Akaido Orangutang from Cambodia was introduced to Mr. Tibbs for the purposes of mating. Unfortunately Mr. Tibbs' penis came off during the procedure and was lodged in Zsu Zsu for four hours until Mr. tibbs could be taken down with tranquilizer darts and the foreign object was removed with surgical calibers and reattached to Mr. Tibb's tranquilized body. Officials at the zoo hope to try again tommorrow, weather permiting.

This is not the first time Mr. Tibbs has had problems with his man-unit. He has detached his sex organ on no less than four times during his five year stay at Montgomery's zoo. Zoologists hope to breed the rare Akaido with other orangutangs but this has been impossible so far. It is not known how the animal breeds in the wild, but filmed observation seems to indicate that the detachable penis is thrown like a football to receiver like spider monkeys who facilitate to toss the organ about ready females, and then later the spider monkeys return the unit for refilling.
The male monkey then rewards the spider monkey with a dead squirrel or maybe a bananna or something.





How interesting! I'm so down with that.


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