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Im a saint

Ninsi is still suffering through the paings of her piercing, but I think she'll prevail quite nicely. In the meantime, she is eating soup. We went to Olive Garden last night at her request since they have pretty decent soup and salad. She just had soup, and I had soup and salad. Pasta e fagoli for both of us. Ninsi just sucked on the soup mostly, staying away from most of the pasta, but she did go through two bowls that way. The waitress looked at her everytime she walked by us. I couldn't quite tell if the look was one of derision, as in "I dont care what is wrong with your mouth, just quit being a tard and hurry up," or if it was one of piti, "Oh, you poor thing! You obviously can not eat solids, and your mouth must be in terrible pain." I think Ninsi did her best to look pitiful.

Also bought a GBA game for my daughter for her birthday. That's two things I've gotten her now. One for her regular birthday, which was last week, and one for her Easter birthday, because that's the day on which she was born. I still need to get her more stuff, but I think that birthday presents from me are on the verge of degenerating into 'Shopping with Dad.' She is ten years old, and has a pretty good idea of what she wants, and I am largely clueless... So, I'll try to find one or two more things this evening, and let her pick the rest out herself.

Tomorrow will be a short day of work for me, as Ninsi and I will be leaving around noon to head to OK for the weekend. My grandmother is leaving the hospital today and will be staying with my mom indefinately, so we will probably stay at least one night with one of my brothers. Internet access will be scarce at best, so don't expect much until Monday unless we happen to get the blog bug early tomorrow.

In other news, Eyeball Jewelry

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eyeball jewelry is gross.


yeah, I think I'll pass.
Of course I think I said that about tongue rings in high school...

eyeball - that looks painful!


wait, i'm confused. "regular birthday" and "easter birthday"? what?


his daughter was born on april 3rd, which just happened to fall on easter in 1994. Therefor she get's 2 birthdays one on the 3rd and one whenever easter decides to be.
I should make him buy me 2 presents for my 2 birthdays too. Jan. 3rd and 4th. I was on born on Jan 4th in Japan, but it was still the 3rd here in the states - so my grandmother often thinks my birthday is on the 3rd, cuz that's when she heard about it.


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