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I'm what???

I just got a call from one of the girls downstairs. It happens. Sorry Ninsi, but it seems that Im married now. Because she says:
"What is your wife's name?"
"Your wife, what is her name?"
"I'm not married."
"So you have no idea who [trollette with my last name] is?"

I didnt at first, but remembered a person was recently hired at one of the other offices with my last name, and that's who she was talking about. What is it about me that makes people think I'm married, or engaged? Wait, I know the answer to the second part. It's my mother that makes people think I'm engaged, because she tells them I am.

No one comments on my football posts. That's okay. I think I'll live. At least I haven't talked about the resulting soreness.

I'll invite you all to the reception. But im lunching in the meantime.

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I wouldn't think your last name was unusual enough to warrent a conversation like that... besides, she could have been your cousin or something.


Hmm, on second thought, maybe that girl was trying to find out if you were available :P


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