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Join us for Secretary's Day April 21st

So says the Ryan's sign. It dominates my view. What can I say.

I've not seen a whole lot of my girlfriend since she started the new job. I think it just needs couple days to get settled down properly. So far, seems to be going well. Our evening schedule is pushed back a little since she will won't be home quite so early with as much regularity, but we can deal with that. Just push the racquetball back another 45 minutes or so.

I believe I mentioned that my dad was admitted to the hospital for gout or somesuch. They drained a crapload of fluid out of his ankle yesterday. And when I talked to him last night, he sounded pretty doped up. He forgot which son he was talking to at one point. I'm pretty sure that means that he is not feeling much pain, so it's a good thing.

It's been a long day. I thought I posted this a long time ago, and just realized it was still sitting here unsaved. I'll do that now...

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Hope your dad's doing better.


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