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More stuff you dont care about

Dragonbowl. Yes, it's been three weeks, and it's that time again. Though in reality, it should have been done last week. The smart money says that we dont play though. Too many pussies abound when it comes to Dragonbowl. There is an amazingly slim chance of rain, so that will be enough to make some bow out. It isn't going to rain. And even if it did, who the fuck cares? It's football.

I made a reservation for racquetball anyway. Im sure it will get used. Played some last night, and I think I can really close to pulling something in my leg. It's better today, so I might be all right. I also about knocked one of Zero's kidney's out. He hit the ball, and I had taken to big steps towards it to make a return, and he was backing up, but thought I was on the other side, so he backed right into me as I was getting steam built up.

Ninsi had to get up way early this morning. Like 5:30. So she gets up, and Im still sleeping. She had to turn the light on at some point, and Im still asleep, but I was dreaming. And in my dream this huge, blinding bright light came on suddenly. It completely blinded me. I covered my eyes with my arms (in the dream) but could still see the light. It was blinding, incapacitating, brightness. Then the light went off, and everything was okay again. I'm surprised I didn't start shouting like Gizmo "Bright light! Bright Light!"

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Hmm that must be why I woke up around 6:30 for no apparent reason.


Obviously you two are psychicly linked.

or it could be the alarm going off for the 3rd time at 6:30 - or me in the bathroom getting ready to leave, Luna spastically darting out of the bedroom as if it were on fire, the television. Any number of things. I tried to be quiet, but as one becomes more and more awake, sounds seem to get quieter.


Lol or it could have been that I went to bed at 10:30....


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