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Things not found in Nature

I work in a build with four floors. It has two elevators. A few weeks ago, one of the elevators broke. I'm not sure exactly how, or to what degree. It did not suddenly go crashing down though, so it probably wasn't very exciting. And it doesn't bother me in the least since I only work on the 2nd floor, and tend to eschew elevators anyway if Im going less than 5-6 flights.

They have started fixing it this week. Much to my surprise, the entire car is part of a big fucking hydraulic. No pulleys, no rope, just stainless steel and hydraulic fluid. The elevator has been braced at the top of the building this week while the fixer dudes go in and remove the machinery piece by piece. It extends about forty feet deep into the ground, so it is no easy task given the space of an elevator shaft, but they are managing. Today, when I got to work, there were a couple new trucks outside, and large hoses. And as I was going up the stairs I hear a most unnatural humming start. On the second floor, the humming was very loud. It wasn't an unpleasant sound, maybe a little eerie. What they were actually doing was sucking the hydraulic fluid out of the bottom, and the sound was a result. It was really an odd sound that I could never quite describe.

Someone that could have me fired if they wanted to called me a prick this morning as well. In the bathroom no less. He did it twice, jokingly, because I told him I was going to the driving range at lunch, and he did not even bring his clubs with him. Actually, he called me a "prick and a hacker", though I dont think Im either one.

In other news, the fuckers over at Ryan's still haven't changed the sign from over a week ago. I need new scenery.

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I hate weird noises like that.. drive me crazy they do.


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