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Whoa whoa whoa

Back from Easter weekend with the family. One relative got out of the hospital, one went in, and Ninsi, Luna, and myself all came close to finding ourselves there.

The drive up was fairly uneventful. We got to Eufaula, though, and it started to rain on us some. Nothing major. But as we made it to the house, and we were a few minutes away from leaving again to drive back to McAlester to see a movie with all the squid, and all the neices and nephew, the rain really came. We went from light rain to Tornado Warning in about 2 minutes. It started hailing, my mom started talking about going to the cellar, the squid was worried a tornado was coming, and I'm not sure if Ninsi was excited, or horrified at the thought of possibly having to go to the cellar. It was a right strong rain, and if it had continued for a few more minutes, it might even have made it to the rarefied air of being a real 'turd-floater', as my brother has been known to call some storms. Then one fell shy though.

It did storm again early Saturday morning, and it did wake me up enough to comment to Ninsi, "Im not going to the fucking cellar." I have nothing against cellars, but unless I see the funnel, Im not about to go. I spent to much time in one when I was a boy. Even if I do see a funnel, it had damn better be close or at least moving my way, or I'll just sit happily on porch, thank you very much. The rest of Saturday was spent doing a little shopping, seeing "Home on the Range" which was worth the $3.50 price of admission, eating with a brother, and just hanging with the squid.

My grandmother finally was able to come home Sunday morning. After about five weeks in the hospital. She was pretty groggy, and still had some drugs in her system, but hopefully, by being home, she'll regain some strength, and be able to get about by herself again soon. Also on Sunday, Luna got to meet a horse for the first time. She tried to play with the horse, and I think was annoyed that the horse didnt try to play back. Maybe she was just amazed that it was so much bigger than her. The puppy that tried to play with Luna, she just got pissed at.

Ninsi also got to meet my dad for the first time. I'm not sure if he was what she expected or not. There were plently of deer heads and fish on the walls, but he was laid up on the couch with gout. I believe they were going to head to the ER after we left so the doctors could look at it again. Ankle swollen to about the size of a softball. My brother called me this morning, and the hospital had admitted my dad, and apparently drained about 60ml of blood from the ankle. With luck, he'll be up and about and able to go fishing this weekend.

Eventually Ninsi and I made it back to Texas. Long, boring drive. Did I mention that it had been raining for about an hour by this time? There was some excitement as we got near home though. Just as we exited off I-35 to get onto Loop 12, I noticed one of the cars in front of me doing something funky. My exact words at the time were 'Whoa, whoa, whoa'. God forbid I get overly dramatic or anything. Anyway, the car, a mid-size sedan, had comepletely lost controll, and was slowly spinning across the highway. It was far enough ahead that I did not have to slam on the brakes, but as soon as I touched the brakes, the anti-lock kicked in because we had started to hydroplane. Never lost control or anything, but I'm guessing that is what happened to the out-of-control car. He had started to hydroplane. He soon spun across the highway and into a truck and another car. Or something. There was a truck and the truck was forced a lane over and hit another car, like a lincoln, which was starting to skid and spin. I think the truck hit the lincoln, and they both sort of slid off onto an exit ramp, and the car that started it all eventually stopped spinning and came to a rest. I was starting to change lanes during part of it, and when I looked in my mirror, I saw that I was on the verge of being rear ended by another car, that I can only presume also was hydroplaning across that particular part of highway. He managed to not hit me though, and we both got around the accident. The guy that almost hit me put up his hand in some sort of gesture that meant "Damn, we were lucky" or "Sorry I almost hit you" as he went on by.

It is hard to say exactly what all happened, and in what order. I was mostly concerned with getting by it without incident to keep an eye on what was going on. I also realized that I should have stopped to render aid. None of the cars was hit hard, just lots of sliding and spinning, but still, we probably should have stopped. Ninsi did call 911 right away. I'm not sure how that went, but I think she was transferred to a different dispatch, who then took the info and said they would have to notify Irving PD.

Anyway, that was the weekend. I forget what else there was atm. Maybe later. Ninsi is at the new job, seems to be doing fine. I'm sure she'll update this evening if she gets a chance.

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i'm having an atrocious day at work, my only excuse. i'm glad you're not dead though.

glad you made it home safe. The weather was horrid this weekend.


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