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Win a gift basket for Mother's Day

Ryan's finally got around to changing their sign.

I think my shoes scared some people this morning. I was talking to a couple of female co-workers when I got in, and one of them looked at my shoes and gasped. This made the other look at my shoes and declare 'Oh my god, child!' which is funny because she is about 8 years younger than me. There isnt anything wrong with my shoes, they are simply the ones I wore to the faire yesterday, and they are still caked with mud. I doubt I put up any of the pictures, since I only took about 4.

I must say, I enjoy sloughing around in the mud. I dont know why. I did rather enjoy the faire. Played an ass-tacular round of golf in the mist on Saturday. It was a nice course though.

I've also decided that I need bagpipes. They are, however, not cheap. So, if you know where I can get a set, Id be forever grateful. Otherwise, I may have to start panhandling for it.

In other news, Bowie wants you to bootleg his music.

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I have a friend that plays and actually tours around the world. He's pretty amazing.

I could ask where you could get an inexpensive set, if you're serious.

Yeah, that'd be cool. I am not in any kind of hurry or anything, but it'd be nice to know if there is some kind of bagpipe outlet I could go to in a year or two when I'm ready to buy.

He's in town from Austin this weekend. I'll talk to him about it and let you know.

He's amazing with the bagpipes.


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