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and the people are but players

Ryan's finally changed their sign. "Steak shrimp catfish every friday after 4pm". That sucks. That's not interesting at all.

I was mentioning to Ninsi yesterday that 'birders' are weird. They make lists of everything birdy. Like a list of birds they see/hear at work. List of birds seen/heard in the front yard. List of birds they see/hear on TV shows, or while pooping, or shoveling the snow, or at the kids foosball practice. Whatever. They also watch golf on TV so they can make a list of the birds they hear there. Sometimes the networks put food out with microphones so the birds will come near and be heard. Apparently, a couple years back, some birders got in a rile because while watching golf, they were hearing birdsounds that were out of place for the location/season of the match. NBC was playing taped bird sounds and got nailed by these freaks. Some were pretty upset. You know why? It messed up their fucking 'bird sounds heard while watching golf' list. I kid you not.

Ever have those times when you dont want to be where you are? And dont have anywhere you want to be, but just want to be 'nowhere?' Some place completely remote, but not necessarily uninhabited. Just out of touch. No phones, no email, no pdas. Just you, and maybe a dog.

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not maybe a dog - always a dog


"I wish I was someplace other than here... down in some honkey tonk, sippin' on a beer..." --Jimmy Buffett


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