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If it wasn't partly cloudy, I think I would have to be outside. But with the clouds out, I can be okay inside. Someone told me today that I was getting dark. That's not something Im really going for, so I need to start either wearing long sleeves all the time, or getting some serious sunblock on my face and arms. If I take my shirt off though, I produce my own luminescence.

KFC has restructured their menu. This basically means that you pay more now. bastards. Oh, and it's Kentucky Fried Chicken. That's what it did, does, and always will stand for. this kitchen fresh chicken malarky is just that. malarky.

I think it is time for Satan to stop Ruling my door. I need to get a lifesize poster there instead. Maybe of Ninsi, or Daniela Amavia. Whichever.

In other news, I dont think so.


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