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Billy = the Dunce

As I've already posted about it, we won't mention the races, or Gringo Dancer again. Ever.

The rest of the weekend was fairly relaxing. Played some Putt-putt after dinner on Saturday with Zero, Ninsi, and Bunny, watched The Princess Bride until it was really too late, and finally went to bed.

Zero and I played golf on Sunday, and as always, my score can be found on the left sidebar. Played almost the same as last week, slightly worse for both of us. This was the third south Dallas course that we've played, and on each one, we have been treated to the sights or sounds of wildlife. At Stevens, we heard what I am pretty sure was a peacock. At Keeton a couple weeks later there was a coyote that we saw a couple of times ranging across the fairways. And yesterday, at Tenison, there was what I believe to be a Lynx, (carrying a not-quite-dead squirrel by the head) trotting along the fairway. It was on the other side of our fairway and kept about as close an eye on us, as we it.

It's almost as good as the alligator that crossed my fairway in Florida one day a couple years ago.

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I think it's time to resurrect the name that kid contest. For boys. Because I got nothin'.





Jerry Dorsey!

Englebert Slaptiback


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