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Bunny Bravo = The Big Momma

Friday night, I took it all home. It took us less than four hours to go from eight people to one. Usually, when we play poker, we'll go for 5-7 hours sometimes. But Friday, we started just after 8 pm, and at the stroke of midnight, the last cards were turned, and I pulled in all the remaining chips. Donut had fallen. A person dropped about every half hour. With No-Limit, people go down hard and fast. I felt like it was a pretty odd poker night for myself. I started out doing well, then went into a slump and lost a lot, then got it all back. I never had a single set of pocket pairs all night, but somehow managed to pull 3 flushes and a straight out.

While I was busy with that, Ninsi futzed her site up. And mostly fixed it.

Saturday, Zero and I played some golf. Zero had one of his worst outings ever, I had one of my better. It is sad that one of my best days of golf ever is still above a 110. Ninsi and I went out Saturday night, and didnt go to bed until almost 6 am, so we spent a lot of Sunday just laying around.

I'll let her tell you about Nine Dead Gay Guys.

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I don't understand your title




nor do i.

You pick this title to have an issue with? When I've had some that were even more obscure, or composed of just gibberish?

For the past month now, once a week, I have used my Cards of the Future calendar to give me a blog title. I wrote an entry on it, and specifically mentioned one of the titles coming from the calendar in another entry.

Stop smokin the weed. It do be hurtin your memory.

You're strange.

But in the pictures from Friday, your hair looks really good.


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