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It seems that my less than timely postings are starting to rip apart the very fabric of the blog continuum. Were I mere mortal, violating such a fundamental law would surely have long ago resulted in ultimate blog entropy with the whole thing collapsing in upon itself.

Which brings up another question: if your future self came back to you and told you that you have to do this really weird thing, would you? Let's just assume that you believe it is your future self because they know some stupid little secret about how you really did want to fuck your fourth grade teacher or whatever and can prove they are you. But say they tell you "Look, trust me on this one. If you go to work today wearing no pants, then twelve years from now you'll get to have sex with this incredibly hot girl." Would you? Or are you so uppity that you dont go pantsless for anything less than saving the world?

I've yet to meet my future self, except for waking up every day and looking into the mirror and saying 'Hey now...' Personally, I think Id want to see a picture, or hologram, of the girl.

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I think it's funny that your future self would utilize Time travel to get you laid. Personally I think my future self would try and involve me in some kind of Enron-esque accounting fraud.

I don't think mine would bother.


I probably wouldn't go pantsless, and it would take a lot more to make me do it than the promise of doing it with someone really hot. Oddly, that sort of thing never occurs to me. I'm broke like that.


not that I want to do it with ugly people either... :)


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