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Demon spawn are more fun

Or is it "Demon spawn is more fun?" Whatever. So last night, Im in bed, reading, and I hear the unmistakable sound of a conversation being initiated via MSN on my PC. I trundle over and take a look. It's my mom. She's not happy with her current ISP and wants to know why it cuts her off at 10 minutes, and why she has a thing telling her she has Yahoo mail. I do what I can, and then she says she's off to bed. So I go back to bed and start reading some more.

Ten minutes later, another converastion pops up, and it's mom again. I dont remember it exactly, but it went more-or-less like this...
Mom says: "What is this thing on my computer that says Atheist?"
Me says: "What do you mean 'thing on your computer?'"
Mom says: "in places ive been, ninsianna or something like that"
Mom says: "I dont want anything like that on my computer for someone to see"

I let my girlfriend read it, and she is properly amused by it. I explain to her to her how she can clear her history and go back to reading. Five minutes later, she says she can't find a delete, and I'll have to do it when next Im at her house. I don't bother going back to bed, I just sit in the chair and read now, just in case. But this appears to have been the last message.

For those not in the know, and wondering why it's all very amusing, go to Ninsi's page. I sometimes read blogs from my mom's PC when Im there. Im sure this whole thing will only eventually only cultivate Ninsi's fear that my mom doesn't like her.

In other news, about a month and a half ago, the head of Russian's Federal Security Service (formerly the KGB) was named head of the Russian Volleyball Association.

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yeah she said something like: "I don't want anyone even thinking I think those sorts of things."
I swear it was like she thought her computer had been possessed by satan himself.
maybe this would help her:


poor ninsi. at least mom was afraid and turned her eyes from the evil.


If little cartoony athiests are the worst thing that she's found on the 'net she must not surf much.

I ended up "The Heretic" - of course, my head's been known to spin around on occasion.

Demon Spawns do not have cute tongues like Ninsi.


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