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Gringo Dancer

Zero, Ninsi, and I went to the horse races yesterday. We live real close to the track, so I'm surprised we haven't been before. Anyway, to make the long of it, short, we can't pick the ponies. The taletell race: Zero and I had both picked the longshot - Gringo Dancer -to show. About 50:1 odds. Ninsi had picked her standard #4. The race starts! Both horses start out real well, but are soon lost in the pack. We wait, we watch, we wait... As the get in front of us, and cross the line, we can't make out where in the pack they are, which is not surprising, because #4 came in dead last, several lengths behind the pack. Ninsi, frustrated at it's poor showing, turns and says "It came in dead last." A second or two after she says this, I say "No, no it didn't", because my horse (and Zero's) is just now crossing the line. He was so far behind, he wasn't even in sight of the rest of the horses. We're talking like 6-7 seconds out of the running. Goddamned Gringo Dancer.

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That still makes me laugh. I think my lesson learned is that picking your lucky number horse in all the races is not a good strategy. Calling your mom and having her pick a horse based solely on it's name - is a good strategy.


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