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Looks like it's gonna be a hot day today

Those were the words spoke by some porcupine in a cartoon I saw a few eons ago. This porcupine taught itself to speak english, and put on a little raincoat, and walked around on its hind legs. And it would say "Looks like its gonna be a hot day today", even on days that it was snowing. Eventually, said porcupine got a 'porcupine crossing' sign put up to help his less articulate brethren cross the road without getting squishified.

I remember it today, because I just checked the weather, and it is scheduled to top 80 today, and 90 in less than a week. The horizon is starting to get that slightly hazy look that speaks of rising temperatures and squelching heat.

Last night, I took the cover off the pool. It was green. The cover, I mean. So is the pool water. It will be blue soon. Probably over the weekend.

Going to Oklahoma for the weekend to hang with the squid. She wants to see 'Mean Girls.' I want to see 'Van Helsing.' I may have to opt for a double feature. le sigh.

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The pool was more of a brownish-greenish-black, murkiness, green is a little to nice. It was icky!

I bet luna and mira still drink it though - those dogs are nutty.


i didn't know you guys had a pool....


Hey, I remember that cartoon! No clue where it came from.


Yep Shady Manor comes equiped with a pool. Check last year around May 15th on my blog, I think there might be some pictures. I think the dogs get high off the pool water.


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