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making headway

The heads were a huge hit. Trucker will probably be the receiver and giver of head jokes for a day or two, then things will settle back to normal. Likely with heads popping up in unexpected places every few weeks. Special thanks to Neko for pointing the heads out in the first place. And to Ninsi and Zero for their assistance in setting it all up.

Getting back to business, not much else going on. Poker tonight, should be something special.

The NCAA did a study, and found what they felt was a surprising number of college athletes are betting on their sport, and sometimes taking money to throw a game. One football player took $400 to intentionally fumble a ball. There are so many things wrong with that, I can't even get started.

In a modern take on The Outsiders, Garland gangs used the internet to plan a rumble...

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Let's hear it for Garland!


Apparently someone was using a shovel as a weapon. Sounds like they watched "Mystery Men" one too many times...


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