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Numbuh Four = The Battler

Numbuh Four is from a cartoon that I've seen only part of, one time, so I do not know much about it. I should probably watch more cartoons. It wouldn't hurt me. Or my work, much.

Ive been poor about updating lately. But so has the Ryan's next door, and being as their sign serves as my inspiration, I really dont think that I can be blamed a whole lot. Had a most relaxing weekend. Ninsi and I had nothing at all that we absolutely had to do, so we just messed around most of the time. Didn't even wake up Sunday until well after noon. I also managed to get her to go the the 9-hole Par 3 course for a little bit yesterday evening. Not to play or anything, but just to walk around with me so that we could be outside and enjoy the great weather.

Sunday was a beautiful day. Saturday was rather dreary and cool. Ninsi would probably say that Saturday was frigid. She's wrong that way.

In other news, Laser Vision.

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Kids Next Door... it's actually pretty decent.


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