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Notival.com is mine for another year. It would almost be worth it to try to just register it for life. I think you can do that for a few hundred dollars. But I dont have the few hundred dollars to spare, and really, I dont know that I'll want it at all even in two years. Much less another fifty. Maybe if I trademark the name first, then even if someone squatted it, Id have recourse to get it back.

Anyway, not much to tell. Ninsi and I watched "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" last night. It's got Darryl Hannah and Jennifer Tilly as strippers. That's the only reason we even wanted to see it. And really, that wasn't enough. Nothing happened in the movie. No real drama, no plot complications, no climax. In short, don't bother with it. Though Darryl Hannah does play a ditz very well.

In other news, it seems that Larry Wachowski, co-creator of the Matrix movies, is planning to get a sex-change operation. To quote Morpheus, and the article I read... "There's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path."

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Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly, Dancing at the Blue Iguana was a horrible movie. I kept (poorly)quotting Eddie from his Dressed to Kill show, where he demonstrates european film dialoge;
"Oh, well, and, uh."
"Yes, Sebastian?"
"Uh, you, um, I had better go."
"yes, I think you'd better."
The movie was just so dull, and I kept waiting for something to happen. I think showgirls was better.
Though the scene with frustrated Ms. Tilly as a Dominatrix, inturruped by a drunken stripper friend, was really pretty funny. You have to see it to understand. Now that I've turned this comment into a post, I'd better end it here>.

I read that too. As if Matrix 2 & 3 weren't enough testament to his insanity.


I wouldn't register for life. In less than 10 years we won't be using web address anymore.

As a side note I did the Eddie Izzard "ciao" this weekend and all my brothers friends died laughing, they are all huge eddie fans.

eddie is universal funny
everyone loves eddie.
he's way underrated on the commedy central 100 funniest commedians. he was like 76 - pshh


did you notice that nobody besides judy gold even said much of anything nice about eddie on the stand up list? i was very irritated. he should have at least made the top fifteen.


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