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Ricochet = The Pinball

Ahh, back from OK for a while again. Spent the weekend with the squid, got to visit mom for Mother's Day, and have dinner with my dad since it was his birthday. Lots of normal family stuff. Saw 'Mean Girls,' but not 'Van Helsing.'

The 'Service Engine Soon' light came on in my car yesterday though, and that was disturbing. It was not long after I'd left my mom's. So, after I dropped off the squid, I read through the owner's manual. It wasn't real helpful, but basically said it was an Emissions issue, and could be caused by any number of things. Possibly hardware, but it was also possible I was just low on gas, used a lower quality gas on last fill up, or just didn't screw the gas-cap on right last time. Suggestions were to check the cap, get my usual gas, and take it to the shop if the light stayed on. It also said it would take a few driving trips for it to go off even if any of the above fixed it. So I filled up and poured some STP gas treatment in along with. The light stayed on all the way to Dallas, so I figured Id have to take it in, but the morning, on the way to work, it went off. go figure.

Thanks to Ninsi, I had pizza for breakfast.

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Last time I had that problem, it was a bad "Oxygen Sensor" in the engine somewhere. As I was still under warrenty, they replaced it for free.

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