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Satan Rules

As I promised earlier in the week, I shall now relate the tale of why, seemingly, Satan Rules. I will be brief.

I dislike Post-It Notes. No real good reason. I do think they are messy and unorganized. I much prefer a single notepad with which I can keep all my notes in one place. The guy in the office next to me (let's call him Trucker) is well aware of this particular quirk of mine.

On Wednesday, I was in and out of my office all day, never had a chance to close the door. Thursday though, I had to spend some time in an online meeting. So, about 9 am, I close my door and am greeted by this on the backside of my door. I about fell out of my chair laughing. It was done completely in post-it notes. It is still there, actually.

What I personally find most amusing, is that this was done on Tuesday night, but since I never closed my door on Wednesday, I did not see it. Trucker spent all Wednesday waiting for something from me to acknowledge it, and thought that I was just blowing him off on the whole thing. Im leaving it up for a while.

Anyway, that is why Satan Rules...my door at least.

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My favorite part is that whomever Trucker is, he used the supercool ocean-colored Post-It notes. I used to have a faux stained-glass installation made up of that variety pack of Post-Its. I guess you're officially a minion, now.

About $600 for a decent set of used bagpipes. J recommends buying the recorder-type part first, and then adding the bag and other pipes.

I'm surprised no one called the cops, as loud as that thing was, and being that it was nearly midnight. Our own private performance.


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