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Surely you jest...

My girlfriend, the lovely and talented, Ninsi, does on occassion doubt my greatness. I continually furnish her with new examples of my genius on things such as Deet, and Druthers, and everything in between and outside of those. Im not an evil genious, mind you, but one can only take so much foolish mockery. If it continues, there will be comeuppance. Oh yes, I said 'comeuppance.'

Yesterday, Notival was 83% good, I was told I was geting a tan, and I didn't prove to be all that great a enemy to the Church. Taken separately, these things mean little. Together, they point to great hooliganism to be afoot.

And the answer to the question is No.

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Are you sure, cuz I'm really starting to think the answer should be yes.

I am confused! Which is normal, but even more so now.


That made no sense whatsoever.

This is perhaps your shining moment. I will second with the thought that you are the true John Frum and clearly he is not a danger to the church of man.


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