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tea time

I am drinking a great deal of tea these days. For the past fortnight or so, I have been drinking very little soda. Like maybe just once or twice a week, instead of the daily dose of Dr Pepper to which I am accustomed. I am filling this void with tea. Regular lipton tea. Quite a bit of it. 2-3 times as much tea as Dr Pepper.

I also need to make a tee-time for the last municipal course in Dallas that Zero and I have not yet played. With the exception of the one that is fairly near the house, they all seem to be real close to downtown Dallas. Next time, we may try looking at the Arlington courses, since they would be every bit as close, and cheaper too. Speaking of golf, someone should buy me these shoes. I'd never buy them myself since I would wear them rather infrequently, but they'd be a damn spot nicer than any other shoes I might wear to the course.

Not much else going on today. Going to help Ninsi get her site cleaned up a little more, since it seems to be causing some people physical pain. Other than that, it's all slow.

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Richardson has a course really close to my house and to Luna de Noche, home of kickass Tex Mex and margaritas. My niece said you could play on their country club course but it would cost like $50 or $70. Not really worth it.


Tea's supposed to be reasonably good for ya; plus it has about 3 times as much caffiene in it as a soda. Only about half as much as a cup o' joe, though.


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