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Wherefore what do

My mother finally figured out that Ninsi's website belonged to my girlfriend. She also said she would be reading it now that she has found it. I may have to see about blocking her ISP.

Aww, I seem to have missed a wreck. I see a truck stopped in the street, and there is a yellow car that looksl ike it pulled partway into the Ryan's. I can see the ass end of the car, and it's all smashed up.

Oh! some chick is bitching out some guy. Thgought she was going to slap him for a sec. Now she's moved out of my line of sight.

The truck is still in the middle of the access road though. It looks like he was moving stuff. Maybe his stuff. Maybe her stuff. There's pieces of stuff in the road. And a lot of stuff still in the truck. Of course, the pieces in the road could have come from her car, but I think not. At first I thought he was a carpet guy, because there is like a roll of carpet or something in the truck, but the more I look, it looks like he was moving. There's like a small bookcase and other random stuff. Hard to tell really. Looks like stufff was wrapped up in the carpet.

Well, he's picked up the bigger stuff and is moving his truck (pushing) it into the Ryan's lot now. Not sure how much damage was done to it, not that I can really see, but if he's pushing it, I guess he did something.

Oh well, it's all over now but the police report. *update* Motorcycle cop arrived pretty quick. Now there's a squad car. And the little EMT firetruck, and here cumms the regular fire truck... It's a full party. *update number 2* Now there's two squad cars, and some random car just stopped nearby and a woman got out and sprinted to the Ryan's parking lot while her guy wandered over in a more passive fashion. Really wish I could see around the Ryan's. That's where the action is now.

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Unfortunately, you can't really put a Blog on the web unless you're comfy with anybody you might know reading it...

That being said, you can always change her domain name.


hehe....what would you do if you couldn't see the ryan's all the time?


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