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Where's Neko?

Haven't seen Miss Neko in almost a week now. Bowie overload, maybe?

The Squid, who is all of ten years old, is now signed up on MSN messenger. Of course, so is my mother. I'm not sure which is the more surprising.

A friend of ours, Donut, likes to state that he will not live to grow old. When the time is right, he plans to club a baby seal to death, lather himself with it's bloody remains, and then, while the scent of baby seal is still fresh, jump in the waters so that he can be attacked, and eaten by killer whales. It's one way to go, and if he actually manages it, I'll be duly impressed. I'm not sure people should just start offing themselves randomly, but if someone feels it is time, then Im all about facilitating it. Anyway, the reason I mention this is because I read a blurb this morning about a man that commited suicide by jumping into a lion's den at a zoo. The lions mostly ignored him, but he apparently kept taunting them until the lioness lashed out and broke his neck. Instant death. It was over two years ago, I can't believe I haven't heard about this story before. Here is something on it.

Ryan's needs to get on the ball. According to their sign, you can still win a gift basket for Mother's Day. I doubt they are advertising a year early.

Speaking of fucker's that need to get on the ball: UPS. A package was shipped out Friday to me from OH. If it was via US Postal, it would have arrived yesterday, but with UPS it is still sitting in IL. Fuckers haven't even scanned it today. Without online tracking, I wouldn't know this much, so they have only themselves to blame.

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neko is apparently taking at least a five day weekend.

I hate watching a UPS delivery stalled. It's the worse thing evar!


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