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June 1, 2004

Dino = The Sentinel

Nothing much going on so far. Tales of the weekend have already be regaled via other avenues, so I won't go into it. It is a short week, and that is always good. I had been planning to go to Oklahoma this weekend, but may push that back a couple of weeks. Not sure what Im going to do yet.

I do keep forgetting that Im trying to blog. Busy working on other stuff, and trying to do it in between, and keep getting sidetracked.

The weather is starting to get very warm. I think it's was mid 90's today. If I do stay here this weekend, and the weather stays clear, I think maybe Sunday or Saturday I will try out my new golf sandals that everyone chipped in Friday night to help me purchase. :)

Was going to write more, but Im to busy at work of late. ciao.

June 3, 2004

like a drone

Ive been mostly absent for a while now. I've barely had time to read blogs, much less write in my own. With the server crash last week, power outages this week, and the big move upstairs next month, work has become very busy as we try to get everything into prime working order.

Apart from that, I've been reading a lot. I figured I'd go ahead and re-read book three of Harry Potter, so I did that, and then went and read the next two, just to be complete.

Being as that is rather boring, I shall relate briefly the dream I had the other night. I rarely relate dreams, but I need content...

I heard something, so I looked out my window, which was slightly frosted, but clear nevertheless. It was nighttime. I was looking down becuase my room was somehow lofted at this point and I saw a large black woman outside the house. A large black man came up and started talking to her and he had what looked like frosted flowers in his hand. And then Ninsi walked out to see what they wanted, and at that point, they grabbed her, and started dragging her away. I see all this, so I tear out of the house in my bare feet and scream at Zero on the way to 'come help Ninsi' because he's just sitting on the couch wondering what's going on.

Outside, they have dragged Ninsi across the street, and she is kicking and screaming, putting up a good fight actually, and get to their car. It's a smallish car, like Camaro size, but about three more large black people get out of it. One of them has a huge chain (where each link is thick as your finger, and about 4 inches long) and he starts swinging that like a weapon. About the time he gets out of the car and swinging his chain is when I make it across the street, still running full boar, so I just launch myself straight at that guy.

I was aimed at his midsection, but about the time my feet left the ground, I woke up. That's all.

June 4, 2004


Let's all jump over to Jessy's for a bit, and point, and laugh, because she can't blog or comment right now. Im thinking her provider botched the cgi permissions. Hahahaha

Where are the giggles?

C'mon people, there's not near enough pointing and giggling at Jessy. Her site is down (well, she can't post), AND she's pregnant. What would be funnier?

Woman math

So, my very lovely girlfriend says in the course of our conversation...

her: "And October is more likely to have a Friday the 13th."
me: "What? That makes absolutely no sense. At all."
her: "Yes it does. Because July and August both have 31 days."
me: "And what? 31 backwards is 13?"
her: "no"
me: "Yes it is, but it still makes no sense."
her: "Yes it does, you just don't understand."

And she's right. I dont. I'm pleading, nay, I'm begging for anyone to explain why October should have a better chance of having a Friday the 13th. Because it's got Halloween? If you can explain it tell me also how it is a factor of July and August having 31 days each, I might have to buy you a taco.

June 8, 2004

Muriel = The Hostage

I am on sabbatical for a week or two. Technically, I think that makes it a vacation, but I will call it what I want. You may indeed wonder why Im taking a break? It's obviously not to get away from blogging. Since Im blogging anyway. And no one will actually read this, since it should be several entries, if not a page or two off the main by the time I am off sabbatical. Just doing it because I want to, and haven't had much time to blog, and this let's me blog at leisure, and more purely.

Yesterday was just a real pain in the ass at work though. Online session all day to upgrade some software. The main part of which was done in two hours, and then we spent another 6 hours trying to correct one thing. Which turned out to be because we had some backslashes where we needed forward slashes. I hate when the small stuff kills you like that.

Ninsi and Zero covered the weekend's activities fairly well. Birthday dinner for FHB on Friday, followed by by Harry Potter, which was a good movie, but severly lacking in many ways. Saturday was A-kon. We had some difficulty finding my work people to get the promised badges, but I managed to talk our way through everything anyway and even score some tempory badges so we could get into the Dealer's room. I thought I was pretty cool for all that. Ninsi kept saying I sucked, but that's because she felt underdressed.

Sunday, I played my best round of golf ever. It was still a 109, but for me, that's a vast improvement. May go again this weekend.


This one is all for Bunny. Since I have made it abundantly clear that I was not impressed with Mia's or Mi Cocina, she entreated me to tell what Tex Mex place I do like.

There is no singular answer to that. I can tell you that I did not like Mia's because of the atmosphere, and the way I felt we were (mis)treated. It seems like the food there was good, but not worth the hassle. Therefore, it gets a thumbs down from me. Next time, I will go to Taco Bell. At Mi Cocina, I had the nachos. The nachos at Blue Goose or Friday's are better. Significantly. And Oh My God!, I admitted to liking something from a large corporate Chain restaurant! Flay me. And from what I could tell of the other plates at Mi Cocina, nothing was all that spectacular. And with everything appearing to be about thirty percent more than at another place for the same dish, Mi Cocina also gets the thumbs down. If the food was better, it would be worth the price, but it was not.

To sum, there is no singular Tex Mex place that I prefer above all the others. I do not eat places or do things just because they are trendy to do. It annoys me to pay extra just to eat at a place with subpar food just because it is supposed to be a THE place to eat. It is very nice to treat yourself with an more expensive dinner now and again, or celebrate an occassion by going out somewhere nicer than usual, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality just to be seen.

June 9, 2004

All things considered...

Gave consideration to let Jessy use Notival for her blogging purposes while I'm 'away' and she's unable to use her own site. But it's not like I'm not actually blogging myself. And she decided to just use blogger anyway. She's most displeased with the 'ass-munchers' over at Godaddy, and I don't blame her. I have made an offer to fix it, but with the understanding that it could possibly start her off with a blank blog, and her template would be gone. We're waiting til her host tells her to completely fuck off before going that route though.

It's a nice dreary day. The only real annoying part about it is that as long as it is raining like this, I can't realistically go to the driving range. It was just be to soggy, since the range I go to doesnt have any covered tees, or astroturf.

I also probably should invest in Bowling shoes. We went last night, and played three games since it was cheapass Tuesday at the lanes. I managed to win all three, though the first one was a very close win by just one point over Zero. For all her blustering, Ninsi wasn't able to overcome my greatness.

There was something else I did want to mention, and I think it was somehow related to A-kon this weekend but I don't remember it now, so it will probably get lost for good.

Bad psychic

Monday, I talked to my daughter before her softball game. I told her she would win 13-0. Today, I talked to her sister, and learn that I had the score right, but the teams backwards. I think it's my fault somehow. Holistically.

June 10, 2004

A-kon dumbass

Yes, they exist.
The scene: Sign-whore hall at A-kon. I'm in a skirt, Ninsi is angling for liquor. We are sitting on the ledge next to some guy dressed all in a big blue robe, goofy hat, and some kind of scarf covering his face.
Zero, obviously trying to figure out what he is supposed to be says "What are you, a freman?"

him: "what?"
Zero: "You know, a freman."
him: "What is a freman?"
I show great restraint at this point by not kicking him in the nuts. Mostly because I'm wearing a skirt.
me: "A freman. Dune. Sci-fi did a 6 fucking hour mini-series on it?"
him: "Never heard of it."
me: "You've never heard of Dune? What are you, 12?"
(note, im giving him huge benefit here, since my daughter knew what Dune was by age 6)
him: "Im 17."

Since I wasn't sure if Dune-stupidity was a legal defense for kicking a minor's ass, I had to let him be. dumb-ass.


Ron's Hamburgers is some good shit. Especially with Chili. Jessy even went so far as to derive the Chili Equation for us all at one point.

We were discussing it again today, and had this to say about it.
phlome says:
You know what's just wrong???
phlome says:
Ninsi has never had Chili on her Ron's burger
phlome says:
I think she kept this a secret from me, thinking I would dump her uncool ass if I knew.

She may have a point.
jessy says:
no chili? ever?
jessy says:
that's just strange.
phlome says:
she's like a pod person sometimes
jessy says:
you need to order her meal i think.
phlome says:
Yes, yes I think it is definately time I took charge of this chili free aspect of our relationship.
phlome says:
I do not believe in these so called 'chili-free' zones
jessy says:
well jesus christ, it's like having half of heaven.
jessy says:
I firmly believe that if chili is available, chili should be utilized.
phlome says:
Chili is the closest fucking thing we have to actual melange.
And for the completely woeful. Melange is the 'spice of life' from Dune.

June 14, 2004

Buttercup = the Princess of Frowns

Ive been blogging even when it was not immediately obvious. I merely had a different index page up. I happily blogged away about four times last week. No worries of others reading, or wondering if someone might comment. I did not hide very well though. Both Ninsi and Bunny found my bloggings and commented on them. Bunny even tried to tell the world in comments, but was thwarted.

So, without other ado, Notival, as you've obviously grown to love it, is back.

Nothing much else going on. Our network at work is having some fits since about lunch. Possible DoS attack. Possible fubared server. Either way, the lesson learned is that Riddick is a really bad movie. Multiple independant observations that it was a retelling of Conan the Barbarian without the snake, and with worse acting. It was also the first, and very probably last, Vin Diesel movie I've seen.

Saturday was some golf. A new personal best. See the scorecard on the left for the details. Saturday night after dinner was dominated largely by some drunk girl with a huge fucking ass. Pun intended. Ninsi may make me reword this paragraph because it's rude or something. But seriously, it was huge.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, some gay guy gave us all a beer and told me I looked like a member of Judas Priest Saturday night. And then some other girl, with a nice ass this time, decided she needed a picture of my shirt. She was wearing a hat, a badge, and was part of a bridal party. I think she was drunk.

June 15, 2004


They have been working on the road near my office for a very long time now. Years apparently. Over they weekend, they took out the bridge. And put in a new one. Or something. The lights are a mess. It's impossible to get through the intersection quickly. Actually, it is not just one intersection, it's 3-4 that are all jacked up. Yesterday, Zero and I went to lunch, and he came by here. I wasn't thinking, and we went through this intersection. It took 10-15 minutes to make the two left turns we had to do. Usually, I avoid it by going the other way completely on my way home. I noticed today that the lights were all just flashing red. So it was a massive 4-way stop. Usually that causes a near total breakdown of all driving ability in a great number of people. It seems to have greatly benefitted this intersection though. Without a green light, cars do not stack up behind each other trying to creep thru before the light turns red, thereby blocking the lane you are trying to drive across and keeping the whole clusterfuck status quo. No, with the flashing red, everyone stops, then goes. More or less in turn. It's an amazing example of taking a step backwards to make shit work properly again.

I think I accidently put a lesson in there somewhere.

June 16, 2004

frayed knot

Back from lunch. Figured I'd bed take a couple minutes to blog before jumping back into today's fray.

Heading up to Oklahoma this weekend to spend Dad's day with the squid. Maybe she'll have a softball game. Maybe not. If not, we'll probably catch a matinee. Dodgeball or something. Maybe something a little more age appropriate.

I think we failed to mention that 'Just Married' was on HBO the other night. I'll usually watch at least a few minutes of anything with Britany Murphy in it. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Actually pretty funny. My enjoyment for it may have been bumped up from watching Ninsi. I thought the movie was alright. She couldn't stop laughing.

Oh, yes, Starship Troopers 2. This is the dark side of Netflix that no one wants to talk about or acknowledge, but is there. Starship Troopers 2 is a movie that I would never rent. Ever. I own the first, but it's good campy fun, with a couple hot women. The second went straight to video. Netflix lets you have these movies delivered to your door. In secret. You don't have to suffer through the condescending stares from the pimply or plump Blockbuster geek, or the snickers from other patrons. No, Netflix delivers dirty secrets like this straight to your door. Netflix is a nice service, but contrary to the rest of the local blogosphere, I dont want to have it's babies.

Starship Troopers 2 - better than Chronicles of Riddick or Dancing at the blue Iguana. Worse than Starship Troopers I though. By far. Not even a super cheesy "At least I got to have you, Johnny" line.


June 17, 2004

Not to mention the dog

The best part of this story - he had his dog with him, too.


There is a bug on my window. He has been there all morning. Just about eye level when I'm sitting down. What I can't figure is, why did he stop when he got there? He's still alive, I see the antennae move every now and again. At first I thought he probably walked all the way to where he is, and that would have been quite a haul. Now, however, Im starting to think he flew to this point. Maybe he was too hot and my window is nice and cool for him. If he doesn't move though, he will be eaten by one of the birds that lands on my window sill a couple times a week.

Best possible scenario for laughs: Bird sees bug on window, dive bombs to try to snag him, and crashes head first full speed into the window. I'd laugh my ass off I think. That would so be the highlight of my week.

June 18, 2004

easter time

Easter time is surprisingly different from Eastern Time. A single letter changes the whole meaning.

My company licenses anime. Some of it we take from Japan, and redub in english her in the US. I know I have mentioned the voice actresses a few times on the blog before. Not everyone, however, is a fan of our work. Rather than sending a nice email telling what we did wrong, or even a barely comprehensible flame, a precious few choose to voice their displeasure by creating a fake email address and putting that into our system. It is an utterly wasted effort, as no one ever looks at the list of emails. Not when you have a few hundred thousand. One of my recent projects was setting up a new system for handling our user database. Part of that will entail insuring that all the emails we have are valid. A simple process, but one that requires everyone to reregister. As part of it, the new program we're using yanks out bad addresses (the ones without so much as an @) and puts them in a file. I hereby give you some of the better ones. There may be more in the coming days. It takes a while to send to almost half a million people...

"I will kick your but"
"fuck you - son of a bitch"
"you fuck the fansubs"
"fuck americans - fuck usa"
"fucking faggots"
"my little brother could read scripts too aint that some shit"
"fucking white people. do anime right. or dont do it all. fucking gaijin"

The last one actually goes on for two more lines, but you get the idea. If only they had put the @hotmail.com onto the end of those, then they'd know it is time to register.

June 21, 2004

Utonium = the single man

That's Professor Utonium to the unkeen. Of Powerpuff Girls.

Happy belated Father's Day weekend to meh. Went to OK on Friday, and had a swimmingly good time with The Squid. There was a slight rain/drizzle most of early Saturday, but that didn't really stop of from playing 'smack the birdie.' Better known to many as badmitton. We played a lot of that. And some volleyball. Hard for me to really get into the vollyball action when you're playing on grass, and with a 6' net, and not using a real volleyball. But it was all in the interest of fun.
And we threw some horseshoes. Im firmly of the opinion that you could make a nice drinking game from horseshoes. Score a point, the other team takes a drink. Make a ringer, the other team takes a shot.
Then some more smack the birdie.

Sunday, Ninsi and I drove home. I think we made about 5 stops from the time we left Tulsa until we arrived back home in Dallas. We weren't in a huge hurry though. Just trying to get back before dark, which did just did. Only got to visit one of my brothers. He had been noodling early in the weekend. Caught himself a 38 and a 40 lb flathead catfish. I may post some pictures of that if he gets them developed and I can get ahold of a copy. For those not in the know... noodling involves wading into the water and stucking your hand/arm into holes where catfish may be so that the catfish can bite your hand, thinking it's food. Then you wrestle the cat out and take it home for dinner.

Cleaned a little once we got home. And I've come to the conclusion that I need to learn to frame stuff myself. I have two things at the house right now that are of a non-standard size that I would like to get matted and framed. One of them probably wouldn't cost to much to get done, but the other one would be over $150. I have to think that if I knew what I was doing, I could do it for a whole lot less. So, if anyone has any knowledge on do-it-yourself framing, I'm all ears.

June 22, 2004

fun in the sun

Ninsi and I have communication problems. I think it's all on her side. Usually over messenger. She starts saying stuff, and I have no idea what she's trying to say sometimes. Today we were talking about a club in Dallas, and she said it's web site was jacked up. She sent me a couple links. One didn't work, the other went to the Africa Advocacy Foundation. The first one didnt work because she mistyped the address. But I thought that is the one that was jacked up. The second was the one she was trying to point out as being fubared, because it was going to AAF instead of where it was supposed to go. That was never made clear until I called her and said 'What?'

Such exchanges occur about twice a week. Otherwise work today has been sluggish. I've had stuff to do, but nothing crisis level. Trying to figure out how to score some cheap swag from work to hang in the house. I could probably manage that by asking.

My tragedy for the day/week: my electric shaver went completely dead this morning. I've had it for like eight years. Ive been looking at new ones today, but the variety has increased exponentially since I bought my old Braun, and Im slightly overwhelmed. The one I found I like the most, is about $200 and only found in Britain right now. I'd rather not spend that much on a shaver. Or have to get it from Britain. May try the M3Power razor for a week instead and see how my skin reacts to going back to a blade. My guess is: poorly.

June 23, 2004


I found a bit of history last night. Scanned it in, and let Ninsi post it for all. I actually have a box of stuff like that. Old letters and cards from years gone by. I used to send and receive snail mail every now and then. With the proliferation of e-mail, however, that doesn't happen. So, my little box of old letters and cards now only grows if I get an invitation to like a wedding, or get a card at christmas or my birthday. slightly sad, in a way. The march of technology does not lend itself very well to nostalgia.

Image telling someone thirty years from now, "and here's the email I got from so-and-so professing undying hatred for me. Of course they never were a good speller, but Spellcheck took care of that, and the grammar check helped a lot too. No smudges or scratch outs on this nice clean email. No flecks of graphite from grinding the pencil into paper pretending it was my head. And signing off in blood just wouldn't have been worthwhile. But they did put a few frownie faces in to let me know they really were mad."

June 24, 2004

printers suck

Yar, it's one of those days where you are just busy pretty much all the time, but when you look back over the past four or five hours, you realize that you have not accomplished a whole lot. Needless to say, I am placing the blame for that squarely on the printers. The whole broken lot of them.

My real question for the day, though, is:
Why do we use the phase 'do-gooder' for one that is helpful, and 'evil-doer' for one that causes strife? As opposed to 'do-eviler' and 'good-doer'?
It's not like 'gooder' is a real word either.

June 25, 2004

It's always something

Arby's is now offically on the Phlome and Ninsi Shit List. It started a few months ago when we went to Arby's together, and Ninsi ordered a French Dip sandwich and was informed they no longer carried that item. It continued today when I went in for lunch and order some Potato cakes with my Giant roast beef and was informed they no longer carry those. I stared vacantly at the man for a few minutes before the shock wore off.

As of two weeks ago, the Dallas metroplex Arby's no longer sell potato cakes. fuckers. That was half the reason I went.

Im going to go out on a golf course with my 2-iron now because it's the tallest. And take 18 of my closest friends. And do like these guys did on accident.

June 28, 2004

Abu = The Dark Side

I believe Abu is the antagonist from Samuri Jack. I've only seen about 1.5 episodes, and none in about two years, so I could be wrong.

The weekend happened, and was too short.

I did not play golf as I had planned, but I did manage to save probably $100 by framing something myself rather than having it done 'professionally.'

I was really hoping for a good rain today. When I went to lunch, there was lightning and stuff, and the clouds were nice and dark and all very ominous appearing. But it never really panned out. Just some wetness fell, and not that much. Traffic on the highway hasn't even slowed noticeably. Very dissappointing. The sky hasn't exactly cleared, but the clouds now are much more cheery and light. Nothing untoward about them at all. Stupid fluffers.

This is why the Bride's family pays...

June 29, 2004

Little johnny wants to play

And the rain came down. dor a long long time. It's raining. Steadily. I wouldn't say it was 'pouring', but it is steady.

The oddest things piss people off. We having a vending machine at work that dispenses various beverages for $.25 each. It takes change, and dollar bills. Since yesterday, however, it has stopped accepting quarters. Now it will only take bills. I dont know if it is just broke, or needs to be emptied. But I do know that some people are starting to get really annoyed at having to use a dollar bill. Especially when you want to get two things to drink, and have to use $2, and get back 6 quarters in change. Yes, it's still giving change properly.

Im debating coming back to the office to night to get medieval on a machine that needs some fixin. Can't do it during the day though since people actually use it. I think I'll spend the rest of the day comteplating this while I watch the rain...

June 30, 2004

Holy Repression, Batman!

I read something at lunch today, and have tried to find the article online since then, to no avail. Granted, I haven't looked way hard, and I'm not going, but I really don't think I should have too. All I've found are references to the story. Anyway, the story was about a group of daycares in Australia that had decided to ban the kids from wearing superhero costumes. Citing that it encourages 'aggressive behavior.'

Kudos to the Prime Minister though for speaking out against it, saying they were taking political correctness too far.

If you aren't going to let kids play at being superheroes, you might as well lock them in a sterile room with no toys and a sedative. I tied many a towel around my neck when I was a lad. Flew through many a window, and off many a bed, raced dogs at super-speed, and braved the murky depths to kick Aquaman's gay ass.

Let the kids play. At worst, one gets irradiated and becomes unbreakable.

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