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Abu = The Dark Side

I believe Abu is the antagonist from Samuri Jack. I've only seen about 1.5 episodes, and none in about two years, so I could be wrong.

The weekend happened, and was too short.

I did not play golf as I had planned, but I did manage to save probably $100 by framing something myself rather than having it done 'professionally.'

I was really hoping for a good rain today. When I went to lunch, there was lightning and stuff, and the clouds were nice and dark and all very ominous appearing. But it never really panned out. Just some wetness fell, and not that much. Traffic on the highway hasn't even slowed noticeably. Very dissappointing. The sky hasn't exactly cleared, but the clouds now are much more cheery and light. Nothing untoward about them at all. Stupid fluffers.

This is why the Bride's family pays...

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It didn't rain that hard there? It was pouring when I went to lunch. Is the metroplex weather so weird that it chages only 2 miles down the road?

Aku is the name of the villan in Samurai Jack. Jack is the shit, by the way, and is tremendously sexy when his hair comes down and his clothes get all torn... Pardon me, I have to go knock over Luigi for a minute...


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