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A-kon dumbass

Yes, they exist.
The scene: Sign-whore hall at A-kon. I'm in a skirt, Ninsi is angling for liquor. We are sitting on the ledge next to some guy dressed all in a big blue robe, goofy hat, and some kind of scarf covering his face.
Zero, obviously trying to figure out what he is supposed to be says "What are you, a freman?"

him: "what?"
Zero: "You know, a freman."
him: "What is a freman?"
I show great restraint at this point by not kicking him in the nuts. Mostly because I'm wearing a skirt.
me: "A freman. Dune. Sci-fi did a 6 fucking hour mini-series on it?"
him: "Never heard of it."
me: "You've never heard of Dune? What are you, 12?"
(note, im giving him huge benefit here, since my daughter knew what Dune was by age 6)
him: "Im 17."

Since I wasn't sure if Dune-stupidity was a legal defense for kicking a minor's ass, I had to let him be. dumb-ass.


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