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All things considered...

Gave consideration to let Jessy use Notival for her blogging purposes while I'm 'away' and she's unable to use her own site. But it's not like I'm not actually blogging myself. And she decided to just use blogger anyway. She's most displeased with the 'ass-munchers' over at Godaddy, and I don't blame her. I have made an offer to fix it, but with the understanding that it could possibly start her off with a blank blog, and her template would be gone. We're waiting til her host tells her to completely fuck off before going that route though.

It's a nice dreary day. The only real annoying part about it is that as long as it is raining like this, I can't realistically go to the driving range. It was just be to soggy, since the range I go to doesnt have any covered tees, or astroturf.

I also probably should invest in Bowling shoes. We went last night, and played three games since it was cheapass Tuesday at the lanes. I managed to win all three, though the first one was a very close win by just one point over Zero. For all her blustering, Ninsi wasn't able to overcome my greatness.

There was something else I did want to mention, and I think it was somehow related to A-kon this weekend but I don't remember it now, so it will probably get lost for good.

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If we I bowled more often, I'd give you more of a run for your money. I have better form.

Bet yer pleased with yourself, aren't you. ;)

I was tempted not to comment, cuz thought it might affect your 'free spirit' blogging.


"This is what the mouise feels like when he reaches the end of the maze and there's no cheese." I think that's probably the A-Kon story you were trying to remember.


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