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There is a bug on my window. He has been there all morning. Just about eye level when I'm sitting down. What I can't figure is, why did he stop when he got there? He's still alive, I see the antennae move every now and again. At first I thought he probably walked all the way to where he is, and that would have been quite a haul. Now, however, Im starting to think he flew to this point. Maybe he was too hot and my window is nice and cool for him. If he doesn't move though, he will be eaten by one of the birds that lands on my window sill a couple times a week.

Best possible scenario for laughs: Bird sees bug on window, dive bombs to try to snag him, and crashes head first full speed into the window. I'd laugh my ass off I think. That would so be the highlight of my week.

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Your blog is the text based version of this one


he likes you. he wants to go home with you.

You're just projecting now, Jess.


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