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Buttercup = the Princess of Frowns

Ive been blogging even when it was not immediately obvious. I merely had a different index page up. I happily blogged away about four times last week. No worries of others reading, or wondering if someone might comment. I did not hide very well though. Both Ninsi and Bunny found my bloggings and commented on them. Bunny even tried to tell the world in comments, but was thwarted.

So, without other ado, Notival, as you've obviously grown to love it, is back.

Nothing much else going on. Our network at work is having some fits since about lunch. Possible DoS attack. Possible fubared server. Either way, the lesson learned is that Riddick is a really bad movie. Multiple independant observations that it was a retelling of Conan the Barbarian without the snake, and with worse acting. It was also the first, and very probably last, Vin Diesel movie I've seen.

Saturday was some golf. A new personal best. See the scorecard on the left for the details. Saturday night after dinner was dominated largely by some drunk girl with a huge fucking ass. Pun intended. Ninsi may make me reword this paragraph because it's rude or something. But seriously, it was huge.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, some gay guy gave us all a beer and told me I looked like a member of Judas Priest Saturday night. And then some other girl, with a nice ass this time, decided she needed a picture of my shirt. She was wearing a hat, a badge, and was part of a bridal party. I think she was drunk.

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Good to see you back, Phlome.

BTW, Pitch Black is actually a pretty decent movie, if you ignore the bad science.

and bad acting, not that i've seen pitch black, but if vin deisle is in the lead role it will have bad acting

Was it huge? It just seemed very flabby. Pitch Black goes to #1 on Netflix, BTW.


Why is the world would you possibly shell out cash for that obviously terrible movie when you could have seen "The Day After Tomorrow?" That probably won't be terrible I think. And also there's ice ages, giant tornadoes, floods, and a whole whole of other goodies only slightly dampened in enthusiasm by a lack of asteroids.

while i shelled out money for the bad movie, i did it reluctantly, phlome did no shelling, well, except for the munchies, he shelled out for munchies, i shelled out for bad movies


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