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Nothing much going on so far. Tales of the weekend have already be regaled via other avenues, so I won't go into it. It is a short week, and that is always good. I had been planning to go to Oklahoma this weekend, but may push that back a couple of weeks. Not sure what Im going to do yet.

I do keep forgetting that Im trying to blog. Busy working on other stuff, and trying to do it in between, and keep getting sidetracked.

The weather is starting to get very warm. I think it's was mid 90's today. If I do stay here this weekend, and the weather stays clear, I think maybe Sunday or Saturday I will try out my new golf sandals that everyone chipped in Friday night to help me purchase. :)

Was going to write more, but Im to busy at work of late. ciao.

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You know I mentioned someting yesterday that we should do this weekend and Ninsi said "There's a good reason to postpone your trip to OK." What the heck did I say? I have completely forgotten and it's really bugging me.

There are actually several reasons:
1) Dogday Afternoon
2) A-Con
3) Phlome's daughters hectic schedule on sat.
4) The next weekend he would be able to do up is Father's day weekend (also when I'll be going up)
5)Bunnies b-day festivities


OH Right! A-KON! We could get a one-day pass for Saturday and just go cruise the parties!

Is that the anime convention? Hmmm - intriguing. What's your Mother Ship doing for the convention, Phlome?


yes, what is this a-kon?

The Highland Games are this weekend in Arlington, too. It'll be sweltering.


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