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easter time

Easter time is surprisingly different from Eastern Time. A single letter changes the whole meaning.

My company licenses anime. Some of it we take from Japan, and redub in english her in the US. I know I have mentioned the voice actresses a few times on the blog before. Not everyone, however, is a fan of our work. Rather than sending a nice email telling what we did wrong, or even a barely comprehensible flame, a precious few choose to voice their displeasure by creating a fake email address and putting that into our system. It is an utterly wasted effort, as no one ever looks at the list of emails. Not when you have a few hundred thousand. One of my recent projects was setting up a new system for handling our user database. Part of that will entail insuring that all the emails we have are valid. A simple process, but one that requires everyone to reregister. As part of it, the new program we're using yanks out bad addresses (the ones without so much as an @) and puts them in a file. I hereby give you some of the better ones. There may be more in the coming days. It takes a while to send to almost half a million people...

"I will kick your but"
"fuck you - son of a bitch"
"you fuck the fansubs"
"fuck americans - fuck usa"
"fucking faggots"
"my little brother could read scripts too aint that some shit"
"fucking white people. do anime right. or dont do it all. fucking gaijin"

The last one actually goes on for two more lines, but you get the idea. If only they had put the @hotmail.com onto the end of those, then they'd know it is time to register.

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such anger!


People get real worked up about anime. Of course, people get real worked up about almost anything, but I think anime is a special case.

Fucking gaijin.


You know I love all my geeks, but anime puzzles me.


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