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fun in the sun

Ninsi and I have communication problems. I think it's all on her side. Usually over messenger. She starts saying stuff, and I have no idea what she's trying to say sometimes. Today we were talking about a club in Dallas, and she said it's web site was jacked up. She sent me a couple links. One didn't work, the other went to the Africa Advocacy Foundation. The first one didnt work because she mistyped the address. But I thought that is the one that was jacked up. The second was the one she was trying to point out as being fubared, because it was going to AAF instead of where it was supposed to go. That was never made clear until I called her and said 'What?'

Such exchanges occur about twice a week. Otherwise work today has been sluggish. I've had stuff to do, but nothing crisis level. Trying to figure out how to score some cheap swag from work to hang in the house. I could probably manage that by asking.

My tragedy for the day/week: my electric shaver went completely dead this morning. I've had it for like eight years. Ive been looking at new ones today, but the variety has increased exponentially since I bought my old Braun, and Im slightly overwhelmed. The one I found I like the most, is about $200 and only found in Britain right now. I'd rather not spend that much on a shaver. Or have to get it from Britain. May try the M3Power razor for a week instead and see how my skin reacts to going back to a blade. My guess is: poorly.

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I swapped back to a blade about 6 months ago. The first week kinda sucked, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

I recommend the Mach 3.

I actually bought a M3Power (the Mach3 with a battery - it vibrates) yesterday to try it out, and tide me over til I decide what to do. This morning, the shaver worked again, but I had already used the blade. It works. It's a lot quieter, and a little quicker, but I still don't know. I'm going to give it a week or so, and see.

His vibrating razor is very quiet, much quieter than say....Zero's toothbrush.
Zero's electric toothbrush is rather loud, and sounds a lot like other stuff that vibrates.
Like say....Phlome's old electric shaver.




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