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Holy Repression, Batman!

I read something at lunch today, and have tried to find the article online since then, to no avail. Granted, I haven't looked way hard, and I'm not going, but I really don't think I should have too. All I've found are references to the story. Anyway, the story was about a group of daycares in Australia that had decided to ban the kids from wearing superhero costumes. Citing that it encourages 'aggressive behavior.'

Kudos to the Prime Minister though for speaking out against it, saying they were taking political correctness too far.

If you aren't going to let kids play at being superheroes, you might as well lock them in a sterile room with no toys and a sedative. I tied many a towel around my neck when I was a lad. Flew through many a window, and off many a bed, raced dogs at super-speed, and braved the murky depths to kick Aquaman's gay ass.

Let the kids play. At worst, one gets irradiated and becomes unbreakable.

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Wrist Rockets I always had Wrist Rockets cause they're damn cool. I am dubious to the authenticity of yor most recent poll.

I'm more than dubious, I'm down right accusing him of 'fixing' the numbers!


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