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It's always something

Arby's is now offically on the Phlome and Ninsi Shit List. It started a few months ago when we went to Arby's together, and Ninsi ordered a French Dip sandwich and was informed they no longer carried that item. It continued today when I went in for lunch and order some Potato cakes with my Giant roast beef and was informed they no longer carry those. I stared vacantly at the man for a few minutes before the shock wore off.

As of two weeks ago, the Dallas metroplex Arby's no longer sell potato cakes. fuckers. That was half the reason I went.

Im going to go out on a golf course with my 2-iron now because it's the tallest. And take 18 of my closest friends. And do like these guys did on accident.

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but i do so love a good chunk of arby's menu, nonetheless


...no potato cakes??? HAS THE WORLD GONE CRAZY???????


no french fucking dip? that's retarded. i never got potato cakes anyway, but that's also stupid. taco bell does that to me ALL THE TIME. they're constantly creating some neo-mexican concoction that i love and the abruptly, they stop selling it. like the "cheesy gordita crunch"? they still sell that bitch where my parents live, 45 minutes away, but NOT HERE. sigh...

My sister is addicted to Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade, but the North Carolina Sonics don't sell it, so every time she comes to town, you see Sonic Route 44 diet cherry limeade empties everywhere. She never says anything about it, but they're everywhere. Sometimes you have to dig through them to find the bebe.


Personally I've thought Arby's has sucked for years. Of course, I try to avoid ANY fastfood other than Wendys.


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