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like a drone

Ive been mostly absent for a while now. I've barely had time to read blogs, much less write in my own. With the server crash last week, power outages this week, and the big move upstairs next month, work has become very busy as we try to get everything into prime working order.

Apart from that, I've been reading a lot. I figured I'd go ahead and re-read book three of Harry Potter, so I did that, and then went and read the next two, just to be complete.

Being as that is rather boring, I shall relate briefly the dream I had the other night. I rarely relate dreams, but I need content...

I heard something, so I looked out my window, which was slightly frosted, but clear nevertheless. It was nighttime. I was looking down becuase my room was somehow lofted at this point and I saw a large black woman outside the house. A large black man came up and started talking to her and he had what looked like frosted flowers in his hand. And then Ninsi walked out to see what they wanted, and at that point, they grabbed her, and started dragging her away. I see all this, so I tear out of the house in my bare feet and scream at Zero on the way to 'come help Ninsi' because he's just sitting on the couch wondering what's going on.

Outside, they have dragged Ninsi across the street, and she is kicking and screaming, putting up a good fight actually, and get to their car. It's a smallish car, like Camaro size, but about three more large black people get out of it. One of them has a huge chain (where each link is thick as your finger, and about 4 inches long) and he starts swinging that like a weapon. About the time he gets out of the car and swinging his chain is when I make it across the street, still running full boar, so I just launch myself straight at that guy.

I was aimed at his midsection, but about the time my feet left the ground, I woke up. That's all.

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Wow, neat dream. I imagine it was one of those "shit, I'm glad that was a dream" type dreams when you woke up.

My hero *bats eyes*


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