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Little johnny wants to play

And the rain came down. dor a long long time. It's raining. Steadily. I wouldn't say it was 'pouring', but it is steady.

The oddest things piss people off. We having a vending machine at work that dispenses various beverages for $.25 each. It takes change, and dollar bills. Since yesterday, however, it has stopped accepting quarters. Now it will only take bills. I dont know if it is just broke, or needs to be emptied. But I do know that some people are starting to get really annoyed at having to use a dollar bill. Especially when you want to get two things to drink, and have to use $2, and get back 6 quarters in change. Yes, it's still giving change properly.

Im debating coming back to the office to night to get medieval on a machine that needs some fixin. Can't do it during the day though since people actually use it. I think I'll spend the rest of the day comteplating this while I watch the rain...

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I hate getting lots of change back


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