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Muriel = The Hostage

I am on sabbatical for a week or two. Technically, I think that makes it a vacation, but I will call it what I want. You may indeed wonder why Im taking a break? It's obviously not to get away from blogging. Since Im blogging anyway. And no one will actually read this, since it should be several entries, if not a page or two off the main by the time I am off sabbatical. Just doing it because I want to, and haven't had much time to blog, and this let's me blog at leisure, and more purely.

Yesterday was just a real pain in the ass at work though. Online session all day to upgrade some software. The main part of which was done in two hours, and then we spent another 6 hours trying to correct one thing. Which turned out to be because we had some backslashes where we needed forward slashes. I hate when the small stuff kills you like that.

Ninsi and Zero covered the weekend's activities fairly well. Birthday dinner for FHB on Friday, followed by by Harry Potter, which was a good movie, but severly lacking in many ways. Saturday was A-kon. We had some difficulty finding my work people to get the promised badges, but I managed to talk our way through everything anyway and even score some tempory badges so we could get into the Dealer's room. I thought I was pretty cool for all that. Ninsi kept saying I sucked, but that's because she felt underdressed.

Sunday, I played my best round of golf ever. It was still a 109, but for me, that's a vast improvement. May go again this weekend.


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