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They have been working on the road near my office for a very long time now. Years apparently. Over they weekend, they took out the bridge. And put in a new one. Or something. The lights are a mess. It's impossible to get through the intersection quickly. Actually, it is not just one intersection, it's 3-4 that are all jacked up. Yesterday, Zero and I went to lunch, and he came by here. I wasn't thinking, and we went through this intersection. It took 10-15 minutes to make the two left turns we had to do. Usually, I avoid it by going the other way completely on my way home. I noticed today that the lights were all just flashing red. So it was a massive 4-way stop. Usually that causes a near total breakdown of all driving ability in a great number of people. It seems to have greatly benefitted this intersection though. Without a green light, cars do not stack up behind each other trying to creep thru before the light turns red, thereby blocking the lane you are trying to drive across and keeping the whole clusterfuck status quo. No, with the flashing red, everyone stops, then goes. More or less in turn. It's an amazing example of taking a step backwards to make shit work properly again.

I think I accidently put a lesson in there somewhere.


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