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I found a bit of history last night. Scanned it in, and let Ninsi post it for all. I actually have a box of stuff like that. Old letters and cards from years gone by. I used to send and receive snail mail every now and then. With the proliferation of e-mail, however, that doesn't happen. So, my little box of old letters and cards now only grows if I get an invitation to like a wedding, or get a card at christmas or my birthday. slightly sad, in a way. The march of technology does not lend itself very well to nostalgia.

Image telling someone thirty years from now, "and here's the email I got from so-and-so professing undying hatred for me. Of course they never were a good speller, but Spellcheck took care of that, and the grammar check helped a lot too. No smudges or scratch outs on this nice clean email. No flecks of graphite from grinding the pencil into paper pretending it was my head. And signing off in blood just wouldn't have been worthwhile. But they did put a few frownie faces in to let me know they really were mad."

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I found two emails from 1996 the other day. I don't want to trash them but I don't exactly like keeping that stuff either. Very impersonal.

I miss snail mail.


You can still use snail mail ya know, it's not like it's gone away.


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