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This one is all for Bunny. Since I have made it abundantly clear that I was not impressed with Mia's or Mi Cocina, she entreated me to tell what Tex Mex place I do like.

There is no singular answer to that. I can tell you that I did not like Mia's because of the atmosphere, and the way I felt we were (mis)treated. It seems like the food there was good, but not worth the hassle. Therefore, it gets a thumbs down from me. Next time, I will go to Taco Bell. At Mi Cocina, I had the nachos. The nachos at Blue Goose or Friday's are better. Significantly. And Oh My God!, I admitted to liking something from a large corporate Chain restaurant! Flay me. And from what I could tell of the other plates at Mi Cocina, nothing was all that spectacular. And with everything appearing to be about thirty percent more than at another place for the same dish, Mi Cocina also gets the thumbs down. If the food was better, it would be worth the price, but it was not.

To sum, there is no singular Tex Mex place that I prefer above all the others. I do not eat places or do things just because they are trendy to do. It annoys me to pay extra just to eat at a place with subpar food just because it is supposed to be a THE place to eat. It is very nice to treat yourself with an more expensive dinner now and again, or celebrate an occassion by going out somewhere nicer than usual, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality just to be seen.

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WOW. I didn't know you were actually posting, just futzing around with the page. I like the nachos at Mi Cocina but have never (gasp!) been to Blue Goose.


Ok Texas crowd. I have the best South American restaurant ever, and it's not too expensive. It's in Ft. Smith, of all the hellish places. It has the green sauce. It has the white sauce. It has the orange sauce. And I can probably get us soused at the table at a discount, as I know one of the waiters.


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